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Saint Julep

Eau de Parfum

Saint Julep Sizes Available:
50ml $95
14ml Traveler $38
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Saint Julep...
There is something about Saint Julep which keeps me coming back for another noseful hearty sniff. The grisalva note gives it a...fabric softener sheet smell the same smell and feeling when your favorite shirt comes straight out of the dryer. The southern magnolia gives Saint Julep a tinge of almost lemony rose. I don't get any of the crushed ice accord at first, but it eventually comes around, although it could be completely in my mind. Does it truly smell like a mint julep over ice sipped while sitting under magnolia trees. Absolutely. Wonderfully executed.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
Ordered the traveler size...very nice. Not terribly long lasting, but nice for summer. Then bought the full bottle and it has only the slightest hint of the scent in the traveler.. Very disappointed. I could probably take a bath in this stuff without it registering.
By   - Dfjdhh from Rhlighidhu on 9/2/2018
The juiciness up top fades out rather quickly, but the lovely mint-and-simple-syrup effect remains while a remarkably airy mineral-and-wood (bourbon) drydown slllloowwwwly comes into focus. My notes on this one include words like “restless,” and “weathered wood.” A fragrance that feels like a dream you had after the night you finally got around to reading Flannery O’Connor and realized you liked her.
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/23/2017
This completely exceeded my expectations. I took this sample with me on vacation and I quickly realized it was one of the best summer scents I've ever experienced. The mint in this is unlike any other mint note i've smelled before. This mint note is dominant throughout the fragrance and smells of fresh mint leaves smacked to release the essential oils. The main reason I find this fragrance surprised me so much was how realistic to a real cocktail it was. In the first few hours after I spray, there's a sticky sugar note similar to that of simple syrup and also what seems to be a smell of ice or chill that is extraordinary. Finally, the fragrance dries down to a subtle bourbon note along with mint. Will purchase a full bottle soon.
By   - Student from Seattle on 8/11/2017
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