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It’s the cantaloupe for me. This is an absolutely gorgeous and very unique oud. This stunning fragrance is most definitely signature perfume worthy!
By   - Music Supervisor  from Santa Monica on 2/6/2021
Oud isn't my jam, but even I stood to attention. Well done, incredible longevity, easy on the nose, a much softer and woodier oud. The cantaloupe and honey notes really help to smooth this one out too. Brought this sample into work for the guys to try out (and I'm a gal) and it was quickly snatched up, very much loved by others in the office. I stumble with describing this one because oud is new in my own repertoire of scents and I don't have a good frame of reference. Great longevity, it lasted close to 9 hours on my skin.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
This is a fascinating scent. At first, you get the cantaloupe and smell of summer, over the oud and the cedarwood. It's really glorious, and does instantly remind me of summers wandering around the grounds of the Shelburne Museum. One minute you're in an ancient musty old house or boat, the next in a historic garden where everything it fresh and new. However, the dry down loses the freshness, so I won't be buying a big boy of this. However, the opening is amazing and I suspect my museum friends might fall in love! The description is shockingly accurate, BTW. Enjoy!
By   - Sales Manager from Vermont on 12/17/2018
A woody spice. The body is a herbaceous green which has a bite. Nice melon note to round off the prickly nose feel from that salvaged shipwreck.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 12/10/2018
This is such an interesting, delicate fragrance. It takes me to two of my favorite places, the library and the seaside. Begins with opening a very old book that hasn't been pulled off the shelf in years. The pages smell so good you put your nose to the spine and breath deeply before reading. It's transient, and fragile. It morphs into very faint cedar chest, a bit of warm sweet honey hovers around the edges as the fragrance unfolds, then pleasant, antique sunbaked wood on the dry down and salt air lingers. This wears close to the skin. A very realistic salt water scent, without the spice/sourness of the more typical aquatic notes.
By   - ... from Los Angeles on 11/16/2018
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