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Bull's Blood

Eau de Parfum

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You'd think this was Secretions Magnifique (which was truly vile on me) by the way some reviews of this perfume carry on. It's just a very butch rose patchouli. It's pretty sexy with impressive sillage and my perfume eating skin can't consume it right away.
By   - Slacker from Seattle on 1/19/2020
Blind Buy that paid off. The black musk is thick, sweaty and sexy. I'm not sure what 'bull's blood' means as a 'note' in a fragrance, but I think that's what I like about it. I don't get the rose note (rose reminds me of Gran's Guest Bathroom Soap that no one actually uses.) This is husky, long lasting, super strong (Careful With That Atomizer, Eugene) and although a bit pricey, worth every penny. *
By   - House Husband from Pawleys Island on 3/21/2019
Smells like red wine
By   - Health Care from Houston on 9/25/2017
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