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A City On Fire

Eau de Parfum

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After 3 different orders of testers (150) this was my first full size purchase. I LOVE it! With my body chemistry this scent starts strong but the dry down is where the magic happens. It remains smoky but there is a powdery part of it that makes it sexy! Dark, sexy, classy and unique! I spray this a few times during the day just because it feels good wearing it. I find the smell warm and inviting.
By   - Investor  from Victoria on 5/24/2021
Smells, quite literally, like a fire.
By   - professor from Philadelphia on 5/17/2021
I love the smokiness and green earth scent however the staying power was weak.
By   - Executive from Minnesota on 8/20/2020
The last vestiges of a fire, the end with the embers and that trail of smoke. The opening is very harsh but it quickly simmers down. Honestly, what sprung to mind was, of all things, on the Disney World Epcot ride Spaceship Earth when the ride comes to the part about the burning embers of Rome and the ride perfectly captures....well a burning city scent piped in, A City on Fire has taken that and made it wearable and delectable. Great longevity. I'm not one for smoky perfumes, but there is something with A City on Fire that keeps my attention almost rapturous and coming back for more. The concept and the execution amazes me and I love it.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
50% smells like a numbing cherry throat spray (yuck) and 50% clean butane with a tiny bit of charcoal smell on a rainy day. The cherry throat spray smells is noticeable and my girlfriend smells it as well. Definitely still a bit smoky but it is a very clean smoke. Cade oil, cardamom, spikenard, and clearwood all are very well blended for the woodsy-ness and it lasts a long time. However, I believe there's a major imbalance of labdanum that is causing this synthetic cherry-esc scent. My order came with three samples but that did not affect my review. Would not buy again.
By   - Biochemist from Buffalo on 5/4/2019
So far, my favorite of the house. IA is true niche, in that their scents really are here to tell a story. Here, we have the burnt match "imaginary" note coming through, with the smell of (wet/green?) firewood, some camp fire smoke, and a hint of incense (the smoke moves in and out of this to me). It doesn't smell exactly like you were sitting in front of a fire... which is good. This is art though - and the vision this evokes is perfectly suited for the house's intent.
By   - Military from Texas on 11/24/2018
Oily cedar smoke, asphalt, little tinny-sulfurous sparks in the heart, and something sweet and heavy (the berries?) -- this is good wicked fun for the right wearer and “should I have Febrezed this jacket after the campout?” for the wrong one. Sign me up.
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/11/2018
On first application I smell sharp, but not unpleasant burnt notes, settling down into a comfortable smoke, smoothing into a sweetness (and leather?) embedded in the echoes of a campfire, like sniffing your jacket the morning after a night sitting fireside. I've tried several samples across several makers searching for smokey, and this is so far my favorite. It's reasonably-priced, so for me, the decision makes itself.
By   - Solar Personality from Chicago on 10/23/2018
When I smelled this my eyes just about bugged out of my head. OH. MY. GOD. So good! I fell absolutely head over heels in love with it. Deep smoky intense. Exactly what I was looking for with a smoke smell. Definitely full bottle worthy, maybe even make it my signature scent! LOVE.
By   - School Bus Driver from Dallas on 9/14/2018
This is the best fragrance available for a pure burnt wood accord. The "dark berry" compliments this charred wood in a way that goes beyond the Naomi Goodsir fragrance that is in the same ballpark. If you like the smell of burnt wood, this is what you need. It's my favorite Imaginary Authors scent (and there are several I like) and my favorite among many wonderful burnt fragrances, including Profumum Roma's Fumidus and Arso, which are both very worthy purchases for anyone who likes this kind of thing. Black Tourmaline is it's only close competitor.
By   - Artistic Director from Louisville, KY on 12/26/2017
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