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Yesterday Haze

Eau de Parfum

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I purchased a travel size of this perfume and had a moment of heartbreak when nothing came out of the bottle this month! This is such an easy and comforting scent, but by no means a boring and generic one. The fig is the star of the show, but it’s not a freshly plucked fig. More like a stewed for a pudding fig. I loved wearing it in the winter and it transitioned just as well into summer. I am getting a FB this time, but will definitely explore more of this brand in the travel sizes. Scent lasted the whole day and then some, so excellent longevity.
By   - Bookkeeper from Creston, BC on 9/1/2019
Lovely fig and walnut. Warm and relaxing. I wish it lasted longer on my skin.
By   - Retail from Des Moines on 5/5/2018
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