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Le Rivage des Syrtes

Eau de Parfum

Le Rivage des Syrtes Sizes Available:
75ml $250
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Le Rivage des Syrtes...
I tried this because I love de Nicolai's 2 new neroli perfumes, so I'm working backwards here. Wanted to see what she did with the orange flower here. Well, it's sort of an orangey, tropical fruit melange and a lot of vanilla marshmallow. I'm not a fan of sweet in general so that's a caveat here, but I don't find it to be very complex. It's fruity orange candy pretty much from start to finish- more of the powdery variety, like orange Certs (remember those?) only sweeter. I'm relieved (because $$$) but disappointed, too.
By   - Day tripper from NYC on 2/22/2019
I love complex scents, but don't find many I can tolerate because the balance is thrown off nauseatingly somewhere along the line -- top-, middle-, or bass notes going wild and leaving me with memories of matronly women of a certain age using too much of an expired scent. Definitely not this scent! Rather than describe the notes (which others have done well), I'll describe the sensations it evoked for me. It sits squarely on the razor's edge of feminine, carefree, elegant, sophisticated, memorable, and exotic -- with none of those facets overpowering or spoiling it for the others. It also has great staying power on my skin. My husband was thrilled to find it on my pillow -- he said it reminded him of me. Enough said! A must have.
By   - Lawyer from Roswell on 12/8/2014
A delicate fruity floral in the best sense of the term - elegant, discreet and a pure pleasure to wear.
By   - Project Analyst from San Diego on 6/12/2013
Some would say I have champagne taste on a beer budget. I say that I have MDCI taste on a Bath & Body Works budget. This perfume is my new favorite! No single note stands out too much, which is the mark of a fine fragrance in my opinion. It's light, slightly floral, elegant, and calming. But as it wears, a wonderful spicy scent peeks out from beneath the soothing simplicity.
By   - from Houston on 2/17/2012
Loads of orange in the opening. Citric and fresh but still warm and not metallic. Mingles nicely with the tuberose and orange blossom. This is a happy fragrance perfectly blended by the amazing patricia de nicolai. Great sillage!
By  on 8/25/2009
This is absolutely beautiful, slightly sweet, i can smell the orange essence, this is one gorgeous year around fragrance. Will definitely buy a bottle.
By  on 4/12/2009
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