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La Belle Helene

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I do not smell the justification of La Belle Helene as niche. Needs more OOMPH!
By   - Retired Artist from New York City on 6/11/2016
I love classics and bold perfumes such as Private Collection, original Channel No 5, and recently MDCI sampler. While all in the set are gorgeous this is my favorite. I love perfumes that act like one. MDCI makes classic perfumes for real women. La Belle Helene is fabulous.
By   - Lawyer from SF Bay Area on 6/3/2014
LA Belle Helene is a real Woman's fragrance, it is long lasting and all develops as you would desire a complex perfume to do so. A small sample will provide a true experience. I have purchased a smaller bottle, along with the Chypre these are my favorites in the line.
By   - Attorney Author Artist from San Francisco Bay Area on 5/8/2014
Subtle, classy, and delicious
By   - from Miami on 9/16/2013
Overbearingly chypre on me for the first 10 minutes then it dies down and reveals a luscious fruity pear with plum and the hint of osmanthus. It is now a full bodied fruity scent but not sweet just rounded and robust. Still not something I'd wear, nor do I really think it really suits me, it comes across as a bit old for me but still a quality scent. The dry down is a warm sandal-vetiver-oak moss. Nice but out comes that chypre feel again that I'm not a fan of. Extreme dry down is oak moss which is just beautiful but I can't go through the ups and downs of this scent just for a hint of oak moss 3 hours later.
By   - Admin from Melbourne on 6/14/2012
This is the best MDCI fragrance I've tried so far. It is a very modern, fruity chypre, and a delightful mixture of the literal and the more abstract in perfumes. I liked the mingling of pear, plum, and very gently nuanced oakmoss notes. This is a very long-lasting fragrance on me.
By  on 6/7/2012
Ladies, this is The Holy Grail.. But I wouldn´t use it to work if I was a lawyer, unlike another reviewer....
By   - Bachelor of Jurisprudence from Europe on 11/2/2011
A delicate pear whose light sweetness is balanced by an all important "something else." Shows that pear can be sophisticated, and elegant to smell as well as to eat. I am loving it as a daytime fragrance on an almost daily basis.
By   - attorney from New York City on 3/1/2011
Really like fruity gourmands before you try, this is quite sweet. Not my style, glad I tried it.
By   - Fin Analyst from San Jose on 2/24/2011
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