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This is such a lovely and elegant fragrance. It reminds me strongly of my favorite 1990s oriental floral, Patou's Sublime, with which it shares the notes ylang ylang, mandarin orange, bergamot, and sandalwood. The primary difference is that Promesse de l'Aube is more restrained, sophisticated, or ladylike; it seems to me that it would be worn by a woman who knows she doesn't have to shout to get attention. It combines elegance with a romantic heart. I am about to talk myself into a full bottle if I'm not careful! I'm grading it four stars out of five because it doesn't quite make my eyes roll back in my head with ecstasy, but the more time I spend with it, the lovelier I find it.
By   - author and lady in waiting from Atlanta on 8/14/2017
This fragrance strikes me as both very unique and familiar. I kept trying to locate the source of familiarity and then remembered a perfume I wore in high school- Sake by Fresh, a sort of effervescent peach. I recently smelled that perfume again and found it was like one of those designer/ mass retailer collaborations- nice looking, but poorly made. Promesse de l'Aube, however, is the real deal: beautiful and well made. My complaint about it is that it loses its initial complexity with the dry down. I would not recommend this perfume to those who like a hint of offensiveness or discordant elements in their fragrance, as this is unapologetically pretty.
By   - from Los Angeles on 11/22/2011
I can't compare this to anything else, I'm not familiar with other fragrances mentioned here. The listed notes say it all. It has a rich elegance to it. Throws well. Roses mingle with orange in a seamless blend
By   - from Vancouver on 8/28/2011
This smells beautiful, fresh powdery floral. Very similar to Allure though so I can't justify buying a bottle when I own Allure.
By   - Nurse from WPB on 1/20/2011
For those of you complaining about the $600 price need to better understand what this company is about and how they produce their fragrances and bottles. $600 buys you a greta perfume in an even greater bottle, hand carved bust, limited quantities. If you saw what pride and craftsmanship went into creating each bottle you may still have a hard time with $600 but at least you can see that this is artisan craftsmanship extending past the juice. You can get the same bottle sans sculpted stopper for 1/3 the now you know where the money goes.
By   - from New York on 12/10/2010
There's depth to this shimmering gem; it does remind me a bit of Chanel's "Allure" but isn't quite dry or powdery enough to be her clone. "Promess de L'Aube" is like an olfactive impression of liquid-gold sunshine; warm, nectary-sweet florals, softened by reedy/dried grass-esque woods. It's a childhood "sun-beam"; nostalgic and lovely. Expensive as they may be, "Parfums MDCI" scents are special and gift-worthy. Pick your luxuries in life---for most, that means materialistic "trade-offs"...
By  on 8/5/2009
This is nasty! I smelled like an old lady. How could they charge that much for such yucky stuff? EEWWW!
By  on 10/21/2008
like the person below, this also reminds me of royal doultan and st. john and also allure. this is nice but not worth the $ imo (and i just spent $350 for an ounce of another fragrance so i'm willing to dish it out).
By  on 8/12/2008
this reminds me of something but i can't quite put my finger on it...royal doultan comes to mind yet i haven't smelled that in years. anyway, this is quite perfumey and not at all what i expected. it's nice yet not at all that special, imho.
By  on 12/18/2007
forgot to rate that last review...
By  on 12/18/2007
$600 a bottle??!! for this?? i mean, it's nice in a generic oriental-floral way but it is hardly a show-stopper. i expected a bit more presence from a perfume this costly but it faded almost immediately. Bois de Paradis from Delrae is in the same vein but is far more complex and a substantially better buy.
By  on 10/1/2007
This is fantastic! I thought I preferred the Rose di Siwa but this little beauty is quickly gaining points! It has the "feel" of the classic Guerlains and actually reminds me a bit of Guet Apens. This could easily be a year-round scent very suitable for daytime or evenings. A must try for an FK fan like me!
By   - from APO on 5/10/2007
I adore this fragrance. Of course I wish it were more affordable so I could spray with abandon, but it is a long-lasting, delightful scent, perfect for day-time wear. Spritzing it on in the morning does indeed make me feel that the day is full of promise.
By   - from Michigan on 4/9/2007
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