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This is an update on an earlier review. While I loved the original formula for Un Coeur en Mai, the reformulation sadly doesn't work for me. The new version comes across as a nice, basic green scent, but the lush florals of the previous version never comes to life. It also didn't seem to have the same lasting-power as the original. I felt like I needed to reapply it by mid-day. I'm glad I bought a sample to try the reformulation rather than just buying a new bottle. So while Un Coeur en Mai is still a lovely scent, Divine's L'ame Soeur has moved back to my #1 spot.
By   - Marketing from Portland, ME on 5/19/2017
This is truly a beautiful floral fragrance,its very springtime and light.I highly recommend this!!
By   - Logistics specialist from Louisville on 12/16/2016
This is lovely! At first I smell an abundance of rose, with hyacinth, then lily of the valley, and then others... It has a somewhat haunting fragrance that I am compelled to keep smelling on my wrist. Something in it is intoxicating. Mimosa? Definitely captures May. A Clean floral.
By   - designer from beverly farms on 11/13/2015
Beautiful floral perfect for spring (and summer!) Very delicate. Will need refreshing during the day, but I think if you utterly love a perfume, buy a purse atomizer for touch-ups. One of the prettiest fragrances I've sampled in a while.
By   - from Long Beach on 7/8/2014
A simple but sophisticated lily-of-the-valley. Not overwhelming. Very nice. Not FBW, but pretty
By  on 7/10/2013
Beautiful scent. It is true that is does smell expensive. However, it is just not me. It is very flowery and very girly. Would definitely recommend it to a friend.
By   - Assistant from Queens on 4/6/2013
MDCI: Un Coeur en Mai Gosh I've been lucky buying fragrances blind. This special perfume is no exception. It is lovely, lovely, lovely. At first I thought a little old fashioned. Possibly because the Lilly of the Valley scent comes through quite dominantly on my skin. However, that being said, I must add that the sophisticated artistry of this fragrance is definitely of the 21st Century. It's HEAVENLY and ABSOUTELY FEMININE. While wearing Un Coeur en Mai I felt elegant and definitely stating that I only wear classy, expensive perfumes. The price, however, is true value for money. It lasted on my skin approximately 12 hours. My daughter who usually does not agree on the fragrances I like, said that she also liked this fabulous scent. Ummm, now I wonder who could possibly not like Un Coeur en Mai?
By   - Retired from Cairns, QLD, Australia on 12/6/2012
This one smelled of cigarette smoke on me. Dry down softened a bit, but there was still the vestiges of a sharp cigarette-y scent that just wouldn't go away! Really wanted to like it, but just didn't work with my skin! That said, I agree with the previous commenters: it does smell expensive!
By   - from California on 8/31/2012
I really love this one. It starts of green and then softens a bit but maintains its initial crispness. Lots of personality without being loud about it.
By   - from Los Angeles on 11/20/2011
Expensive, wellmade with a vintage feel. An amazing scent for all ages! It´s a walk through lush spring gardens. Lovers of white freesias won´t be dissapointed, (although freesias are not listed as an ingdredient). I also smell crushed flower stems of white Phalaneopsis orchids.
By   - Bachelor of jurisprudence from Europe on 11/2/2011
this is, like walking through through a garden of exotic flowers, all with it's unique character and note, but somehow they work together to make a special type of harmony. A special type of perfume, and yes even dear say expensive. But i like it's simplicity and how it seems to be shy in it's approach when you wear it. Jasmine, lily of the valley and rose whiffing at your nose, almost as to say hi to you. It's a very intimate experience.
By   - Jewelery Designer on 9/30/2011
My daughter & I love it. Love the floral notes and hints of pepper & the musk is quite soft. I also agree with a previous poster, it smells expensive.
By   - Therapist from NYC on 7/17/2010
This is my favorite of this line. It's a beautiful green, comparable to le Temps D'une fete. This is more grassy (the petit grain), while D'une fete is more flowery (the osmanthus). If you are looking to sample this line, start with this one. It's a true piece of artistic perfection
By   - from San Jose on 9/19/2009
A beautiful floral. As the others have said, the hyacinth and lily of the valley emerge first. It is very fresh and elegant--- I can even see it as a wonderful wedding perfume. Only problem for me was that the staying power was not very long.
By  on 7/13/2009
It definitely smells expensive.
By  on 7/3/2009
Wow, I just tried this one and love it. When I first put it on, the hyacinth and lily of the valley were the dominate scents. But, as the day has worn on the floral notes have all blended together and I feel like I'm walking in a flower garden at peak bloom. It is a little powdery, but not overwhelmingly so. The staying power is great.
By   - Marketing from Portland on 6/12/2009
so purely like a spring morning you could close your eyes and touch the flowers! and i am NOT a floral gal but still found this to be spot on hyacinth and all about freshness! my first venture into this line...i am hooked!
By  on 5/30/2009
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