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Ooh I love this. Very, very well done. Classically feminine, sophisticated and enjoyable. One of the very few fragrances that have impressed me these past 5 years.
By   - Business Analyst from Durham on 8/1/2021
The painting explains it all - the soft clean white simple dress of cotton or muslin, the flowers in her hand, the green of the ribbons. It smells like that, plus some kind of soap or simple orange blossom perfume this person may have used. I love it, it's probably a purchase soon. I get a very soft and plush (not ostentatious, but more relaxed) feel from this and I'm loving it during the last snowy days. It's sunshine-y (but not tropical), it's sweet (but not gourmand), floral (but not overtly feminine or sensual), just very kind, gentle and happy.
By   - Attorney  from Seattle on 11/21/2020
At first whiff, this said "soap" on my skin. Yes, a lovely, light, bright, delicate, femininely fragrant soap, but still soap. I racked my brain to try to figure out which soap specifically, and for a moment the little round "Maja" brand soaps of Spanish/Latin great-grandmothers came to mind (the original formulations, that is), but I haven't smelled one of those since I was a tiny little girl, so I could be wrong in the association. In any event, on me, once the primarily soapy aspect of this scent wore off (after a half hour or so), it was so light as to hardly be able to detect it on my skin, although it still smelled exactly as before: Maja soap-y. The notes are all so lovely, though, that I hope this works on others!!
By   - Artist from San Francisco on 9/29/2020
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