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L'Homme Aux Gants

Eau de Parfum

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I bought this at the recently opened NYC location. It's WOW. I read the description, and sort of agree with it. In addition to the notes listed, I get a blonde, fresh tobacco note. I don't know why it isn't listed. Maybe it's just in my imagination. The price tag is huge, Serge Lutens Skyscraper zone, but it totally worth it. I don't regret the purchase, even when the credit card statement came in. It's amazing, has garnered compliments from at least one other perfume that said, "You smell so great, it's really good." She isn't known for poetics. Unlike this perfume.
By   - Technical Writer from NYC on 11/21/2019
This fragrance's scent description explains it quite well. It's on the light side and it doesn't project very much (hence the 4/5 for me) . But, I like it very much as it's a fragrance that's very warm, sweet, "lite", refined and fresh smelling at the same time. It's easy to wear and doesn't over burden the senses. This fragrance reminds me of a "lite" distant cousin of Givenchy's "Play - Intense".
By   - Higher Education Administrator  from Toronto on 3/23/2019
It's clearly a quality Fragrance. But I don't get much more than a very nice benzoin vanilla type musk. A little bit of tobacco and light cocoa with some smokey effervescence. It's worth restating that the ingredients are top notch but it plays a little too straight and narrow for me.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 3/15/2019
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