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Cio Cio San

Eau de Parfum

Cio Cio San Sizes Available:
75ml $250
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Cio Cio San...
By   - software developer from Cleveland, OH on 10/16/2017
A pretty, juicy, extremely youthful floral with some uncommon notes. The lychee is quite prominent (and delicious in execution), and I love the way it is tempered and given resonance by the chocolate-and-marmalade note yuzu brings. The tea and cedarwood notes, essential to giving this airy confection a bit of spine, are gently astringent and add a nice "refresh" as the drydown progresses. I am reviewing this positively in winter, but suspect I will be even happier to find it waiting in my collection come the spring.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/28/2016
Peonies with spice and a light effervescence from the citrus. You can smell the fruit of the lychee, adding sweetness without being cloying. I like this very much.
By   - Teacher and writer from Cambridge on 9/3/2015
So light and sheer it is impossible to smell notes. It is less scent that you would retain from your soap in the shower. Cannot imagine this will be very popular, especially at the price.
By   - from Baltimore, MD on 8/2/2015
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