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Beautiful and delicate “evening” scent
By   - ... from NY on 8/21/2021
I don't understand the positive reviews at all, alas. On each wearing I've found this scent unremarkable -- while unoffensive -- and completely commercial, all sweet flowers with an undertone of coconut.
By   - Occupied from Phoenix on 4/24/2018
Beautiful, beautiful fragrance with a price to match. I'm not sure I'll be able to justify a full bottle. And if I do, I'll almost be afraid to use it, it's so expensive. But if you CAN afford it, lucky you! It's simply gorgeous.
By   - Writer/Author from Tacoma on 12/20/2014
This is so pretty. Hard to put down, hard to say no to. Compared to some of the other MDCI perfumes, this one is more real - this one is like an actual woman while some of the others, particularly the MDCI rose, are like movie characters far away from real life.
By   - from Toronto on 10/3/2012
The first time I wore this I loved it. It was like sunshine in a bottle. Unfortunately, on every wearing since it opens with a soft powdery peach and then it's nothing but dryer sheets for the next 6 hours.
By   - RN from Philsdelphia on 12/10/2011
Starts off sharp in the nose then mellows into a sweet floral that takes your breath away. I thought I was smelling something quite gourmand at first--like vanilla and caramel chocolate but it must be my body chemistry as well. It's a soft scent that's not overpowering yet noticeable enough to be reminded of it's lovely quality. Doesn't last long on me but overall, this is a scent I wouldn't mind wearing all the time. And my partner loves it too! :D
By   - from London on 11/24/2011
Very beautiful and elegant fragrance.
By   - artist from NYC on 2/22/2011
This is amazing. I purchased a sample of this :) Love it but could never afford it!
By  on 1/28/2011
This ist simply PERFECT! Summer in a bottle... I´ve been a perfume collector for nearly 20 years now, always in search of the "holy grail"... now I found it. I have been using Vepres Siciliennes six weeks in a row now... this has never happend with any fragrance before... I never get tired of VS! I simply adore it! Give it a try!!!!
By   - from Germany on 7/18/2009
I agree with the reviewer before me, both of the new ones are outstanding and i will be purchasing a full bottle of both, no doubt.....these a classy, refined and beautifully done.
By  on 4/12/2009
From the moment I tested this fragrance on my skin, I had to have a full bottle. The notes are listed in the copy, above. But, to be honest, YS is so seamlessly blended, no one note stands out. Rather they all meld together to form what may be one of the most harmonious, unique and beautiful fragrances I have worn in a long time. While MDCI's Enlevement Au Serail is elegant and womanly, YS is crystalline and clear without being trendy and clean. A winner!
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/16/2009
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