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I smelled a whiff of this at a high end fragrance boutique and I instantly thought about the birth of venus and i have no idea why. Smelled very "virginal" "pure" "feminine" ... floral scent for sure, strong and very elegant as others have stated. I cant get this scent out of my head.
By   - IT from NYC on 7/9/2018
Excellent! Keep trying Musc Maori as well which is gorgeous too. But this one just tapped into my consciousness. Almost unforgettable :) Tiny bitterness with sweet fruitiness is definitely my big weakness. And also there is something keep tingling out from the composition that gives you the "classic" surprise feeling. A chime! Ahhhh! 6/5 ... I'm over rating it!
By   - from NYC on 9/28/2014
A wonderful subtle jasmine that just gets better and better in the drydown. Very wearable and elegant, not too flowery-flowery. I really love this.
By   - Stylist from South of San Francisco on 6/2/2011
Ooops on last one. This makes me feel like I should be smoking a cigarette from a long ivory holder and throwing my fox wrap over my shoulder as I slither into my Bugatti to meet with Mr. DeMille. In short, old school glamour and fabulousness. Beautiful gardenia. Goes on slightly fresh and then it builds into sultry seductiveness heavy on gardenia and jasmine. Really starting to love the PG line and the risks it takes and the quality of their offerings. Ten thumbs WAY up!
By  on 1/29/2010
I get loads of gardenia and almost no jasmine. Nice greenery, a bit bitter. Smooth sandalwood musk drydown. Elegant and luxurious but not my kind of fragrance. Jasmine and gardenia lovers should defenitelly try it, dont be put of by the absinth note, it only gives it a bit of bitterness and the flowers and musk nicely keeps it in place. A flowery green fragrance.
By  on 11/5/2009
I agree with "Jaspreet Gill" I prefer this over felanilla. -Drama Nuui is sheer and silky. Clear, green jasmine. Not overyly sweet or flowery. Silky musk that melds beautifully with my skin. The LS description is right on. There's nothing heavy or loud about it. I could bathe in it! --5 stars--
By   - from Santa Barbara on 3/13/2009
I agree, it's wonderful -- the only way I can wear jasmine in public. Slightly indolic, as noted, but also bracingly fresh and therefore less heavily femme than any other jasmine fragrance I've tested.
By  on 1/20/2009
A really beautiful scent. Fresh jasmine, light and green with an interesting twist. Not pure magic on me, but definitely very pleasant.
By  on 1/15/2009
I like this one. Very exotic...I felt lovely wearing this one. Really had a lingering scent on me.
By   - Real Estate, mother of 4 from Iowa on 12/4/2008
It never would have occurred to me to pair fresh jasmine and licoricy absinthe, but in this scent it's truly sublime. If you don't like the 'stinky' side of jasmine, this may not be for you, because it has a dark heart...subtle, but still dark. When PG is good, they are very very good, and in this instance they created magic.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver, CO on 12/1/2008
I just received the sample pack yesterday. I've been very curious to sample this PG and I wasn't disappointed. It opens with a very green jasmine, but it quickly evolved to a sexy, darker jasmine with the absinthe and petitgrain taking it to another place. That faint whiff of sandalwood was more than I could take - it was so delicious. I am a jasmine fan and wanted something that was less 'nice' and 'sweet' - this absolutely fits the bill. This is a jasmine for a woman. I prefer it to Felanilla (which is indeed a feline vanilla) which I know is gaining popularity. To each her own... :)
By   - from Toronto on 11/26/2008
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