Private Collection: Bois Blond
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50ml $120
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I feel extremely lucky to finally own a bottle of this. My sample was forgotten amongst many other samples for years until I tried it on a whim, loved it intensely, and sought a bottle. Not an easy task, but if you can find a seller out there, this one is absolutely worth the hunt. I hope some day this will be back in production, not for my sake, but for yours.
By   - Project Manager from Minneapolis on 6/10/2019
Just gorgeous. Not sure why this is rated as a more 'masculine' scent; on my skin its all musk & amber with absolutely none of the 'deep woods off' scent others have mentioned, thank goodness! One of my favorite Guilliame scents, along with Aomassai.
By   - Stylist from Canada on 10/25/2015
Lots of galbanum, and some wet grass. Not really getting the cereal on my skin. The galbanum is amazing, both strident and soft, and rather addictive. The description says the note is "dry," but I wouldn't really describe it that way. Beside it is a floral sweetness sprinkled with gourmand sugar, but it doesn't get too foody - it's just reminiscent of the sweetness of candy for me. Very interesting the way everything works together. With the "green pond clean" of the galbanum and the whole thing being so nicely wrapped up with a bow, I feel this could make a unique but appropriate formal scent. There were times also when I smelled it and thought to myself that a woman could pull it off too, but I'm not so sure over all.
By  on 7/26/2014
Mmm wonderful woody resinous scent with a dry green vegetal quality. Starts out strong but becomes a lot softer over time. I'm happy to own it if its a ltd edition.
By   - Broker on 5/16/2013
This is a very well tailored scent - too tailored in my opinion. It would smell great on a corporate go-getter wearing a very expensive suit. I would love to be sitting next to him in the next board meeting! I agree with another reviewer - I get cinnamon in the dry down.
By   - Lawyer from San Diego on 4/3/2012
I moved to NY from southern CA, and I feel inclined to give this perfume 5 stars simply because, to me, it initially smells like the dry chaparral which covers much of the landscape in CA. It makes me very, very nostalgic -- particularly as it is the dead of winter here in NY. That said, I would not buy this perfume for the following two reasons: 1) I am not sure that I personally want to ooze the smell of chaparral, and 2) it sweetens up after about 10 minutes and turns into more of a musty, cinnamon scent -- kind of like a more subtle version of SL's Rousse.
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 2/2/2010
All the notes sounded so promising. Unfortunately on my skin all I got was Deep Woods Off bugspray. My skin tends to amplify cedar to an uncomfortable decible, and it's not a note I care for to begin with. However, I think if you are a fan of cedar this could be quite nice as it is well blended and has nice, rounded edges to it.
By   - Sales on 11/19/2009
This is a lovely warm comfort scent - I get mostly hay, tobacco, amber and musk. Similar to Aomassai, but not as sweet.
By   - from San Diego on 5/7/2008
Met a blind date at Barnes and Noble. "You smell wonderful", as he inhaled deeply and came in for a second "hello" hug. The guy was not for me, but Bois Blond is. That night, as I turned the pages of my new book, I caught whiffs of Bois Blond; up out of bed, to the computer and ordered. At first, I thought it was far too smokey; but wait it out and it is indeed wonderful. Not overpowering - whispers "please step closer".
By   - pharmaceutical rep from Cleveland, Oh on 2/29/2008
This is very nice, and would be perfect for daily wear in an office or work environment, as it is very subtle and wears close to the skin. At first it has a strong cedar note that I wasn't crazy about, but that tones down considerably on the dry-down. A great unisex scent - some women may find the cedar note a bit too masculine, but once it dries down I find it blends beautifully with the tobacco, amber & musk. To be honest, on me I didn't get any of the cereals, grass or hay; but maybe those are what's working to temper out the cedar and I just can't pick them out as individual notes...
By   - film editor from NYC on 12/22/2007
Can't wear it anymore, wrist broke out in hives after
By   - from Philadelphia, again on 11/29/2007
I smell the hay and cedar, and a bit of carmel on top, too. Casual and classy, but set my allergies off! Hay too realistic!
By   - from Philadelphia on 11/8/2007
Bois Blond, starts with a pungeant smell of grasses and roots, then the cedar starts to show up, leaving a smell of bugspray and herbs, something I don't want to smell on me or anyone else, I expected something completely different.
By   - decorator from Florida on 7/17/2007
This is definitely the best one of the new additions. It's warm, smokey and complex - without being too heavy or fussy. Yes, it's a bit similar to Aomassai, but without the sweet caramelly top. Nice!
By   - from NYC on 5/10/2007
Absolutely beautiful and unique. Starts with cold blast of wet hay and dark summer forest. Melds seamlessly into something warm and carelessly sexy. This perfume is for just when you want to be you, not try too hard.
By   - financial manager from Seattle on 4/16/2007
At first this really does smell like fresh hay and grasses but the drydown is very,very similiar to Aomassi. Smoky and sweet. It makes me think of ridiculously hot people at a barnyard squaredance.
By  on 4/11/2007
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