Cuir Cordoba

Eau de Parfum

by Keiko Mecheri

Cuir Cordoba Sizes Available:
75ml $140
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Cuir Cordoba...
I LOVE this scent. I've had it for years and always keep coming back to it. It's very comforting. Also, anything slightly masculine smells great on my skin. This smells like perfumed leather. Growing up my mom would spritz her purse with Chanel no 5. While this scent smells nothing like Chanel no 5, it does remind me of the scent of a perfumed leather bag - how the leather soaks up those fragrant oils and meshes it with it's own scent. To me - this is a classy, cozy, yet sexy scent. Occasionally I get compliments on it, but people certainly don't know quite how to your place it because it doesn't smell much like anything most people have smelled in a department store.
By   - Innovator  from San Francisco on 4/21/2015
Received a sample of this while visiting MinnNY and eventually decided to buy a FB from lucky scent. I love this bc it's soft, warm, and subtly sexy. It's neither super masculine nor super feminine. It's much more elegant than your traditional leather scent. The benzoin really helps to ground the fragrance and soften it up. The patch isn't too overpowering as it sometimes can become and the violet isn't old lady like at all. This is at once modern and classic. The sample leaked out into my horween leather purse (if you aren't familiar w horween, it is some of the finest leather produced in the U.S.) and the way the leather soaked up the fragrance was just perfect. It was almost like a pair of suede gloves had been locked in a clutch next to a vial of perfume that could have belonged to only the most elegant of ladies - but this lady was no wall flower; she was strong, subtly seductive, whip smart, charming and also had an air of mystery to her. She ran with the boys but also relished in her femininity. This fragrance is smooth, balanced, and sexy but not in a trying too hard kind of way. Also, on me, it warms up nicely and I can smell it all day. No need to reapply. Def recommend!
By   - from San Francisco on 6/24/2014
For Christmas my husband presented me with a pair of Fratelli Orsini deerskin driving gloves. This fragrance is the tactile equivalent of slipping my hands into those handsome gloves. In fact, I ordered Cuir Cordoba unsniffed and unsampled based merely upon the description provided by LuckyScent. It made me vividly recall the light, pleasant aroma that would linger upon my fingers after driving with the supple leather pressed against my skin. This perfume is an amplification of that subtle, intimate scent. Creamy, plush and poised.
By   - Ambassador of Fun! from Van on 2/13/2013
I'm not a hug fan of Keiko (and I've tried, really I have), but this is one of her best for sure. The violet is fruity, the suede soft and subtle, and it has an intimate unwashed (but not unclean) quality that makes it seem like you've been wearing it for ages already. There's no dry down - it just gets straight to business.
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 7/10/2012
Ah, there is a fight I must deal with! Reve en Cuir is now duking it out with Cuir Cordoba as my favorite leather fragrance. If an impartial referee were called in, Reve en Cuir would probably win. Since Cuir Codoba is almost as beautiful (not to mention the price point difference) I think my next purchase will be the Cordoba. While the Reve en Cuir is more complex and longer lasting, I'm an easy guy to please. Love it!
By   - from the South on 11/24/2009
Absolutely beautiful fragrance, definitely FB worthy without a doubt.
By  on 11/12/2009
bathe me in benzoin and suede... fb worthy
By   - writer from nyc on 10/24/2009
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