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Purchased a sample SOLELY on the strength of Angela from Seattle's review because these aren't my go-to perfume notes. Said review is spot-on. Will only add that this could also be the signature scent for "My Little Pony" enthusiasts who've needed a way to replicate that familiar powdery plastic-y scent in human fragrance form (with a little sunscreen thrown in for good measure). It doesn't smell cheap, but is surprisingly weird in a really good way — I am glad I tried it. Might very well end up trying a full bottle.
By   - Bookseller from Los Angeles, CA on 4/28/2021
Beautiful! Like something from my childhood. I can’t stop smelling it on my arm.
By   - gardener from NY on 2/7/2021
Johnson’s Baby Lotion turned up to 11 or 12. There’s rose, definitely, but most of all I’m contending with that sugared almond, which is the approximate size of an SUV. Drydown’s a powdery, surprisingly clinical marshmallow-vanilla, but in a way that’s more wearable in public than, say, smearing pieces of Turkish delight on your wrists (the other possible path). I like this far more than I expected to, and surely those closest to me shall pay the price.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/14/2018
The perfume itself is pretty and traditionally feminine in the sample vial. Once on my skin, it is a powder bomb; the almond and rose overpowering any other note. It became a bit of a scrubber lasting well through many arm washes. Although I am sure it will work for someone else that appreciates long lasting and traditional perfume, it is not my type of scent.
By   - Animals from NC on 5/14/2017
This scent is a beautiful transparent, aqueous gourmand. Fresh on the skin it's like amaretto - a sweet yet refreshing almond that softens to a marshmallow or vanilla cotton candy, without being cloying or immature - although if you don't favor feminine or powdery - this may not be for you. I love it. This goes on my top shelf with Nobile 1942 - La Danze Delle Libellule, Lucy & Pilar - Tiptoeing Through the Chambers of the Moon, and Aroma M - Geisha Noir.
By   - Art Jeweler from Dover, DE on 3/1/2017
When they describe this as deliriously sweet, they are not kidding. I found it to be sweet to the point of cloying. If you're Indian, the smell of this will take you straight to an incense box of old. It's not balanced enough for me -- needs a little smoke or wood to balance out the strong sweetness.
By   - Marketing Executive from Bedminster, NJ on 2/16/2017
Smells like baby lotion
By   - Sales from KatKey West on 7/17/2016
LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I wish I could afford the whole bottle. The sample is amazing!
By   - Banker from Portland, OR on 3/14/2016
When you are in the mood to be wrapped in a warm comforter in front of the fire, but need to be at work or elsewhere, this is the time to wear this scent. It is a rich, protective, comfort scent. Loved my sample, but love my full bottle even more.
By   - Professor from Salt Lake City on 10/22/2015
Make no mistake - this is a heavy hitter. Light, delicate, veil-of-scent wearers beware. This scent is dense, heavy, thick and buttery-rich. But when you are in the mood for wearing a devilishly intense gourmand potion, there is nothing better.
By   - govt from Abu Dhabi on 9/7/2015
This is one of my very private, most secretive, charmingly pleasureful addictions. I feel like the main character of 50 Shades of Gray (not the one seen in the recent clumsy, tacky movie's version, but, the one breaking hearts in those truly titillating, sexy books) giving life to my most dangerous, troubling, or perhaps just simply sensual, deepest desires, and, having Loukhoum by my side, becomes clearly one of my main weapons, one of my most delicate and sublime poisons: an intoxicating, pink, exotic essence, that's so rare in its aroma's it could just be out of a divine Oriental dream, while it's mysterious power lingers over clouds of pure baby talc, and sugar candy, making of it the very master standing easily above all dreamy juices with its excellence: a few drops poured over the corsets, or the languid skin, or even the pulsating hearts of my beautiful girlfriends, seem indeed at times, way more than enough to do the trick, and, accomplish all of my darkest desires. You cannot say no to Loukhoum, and if you say no, it is because you know how fragile of a prey you are.. Its ingredients have always been very vague, and, kept under wraps: i believe there's a lot more than what they wanna disclose on here: perhaps some of the finest heliotrope? And,maybe some real sublimated baby powder's essence? And, soft violets, and, intense roses, and nectar's, with their wickedly perfumed dusting dew? Pure sugar? I don't know. I don't need to know at this point, since i have been hooked into the game of this exclusive scent from lovely Keiko Mecheri, for a very long time, now! But, i could easily bet, there are way more secrets in this composition than in way, way many other, and, much more famous, classic best sellers to date. I can only say one thing: that, very often, it is the very primal, sweet, most elusive of the secrets that can bring us down to some incredibly lush pleasures, and, to some of the most intense, and awaited abandonment. And, Loukhoum does definitely performs impeccably, when it comes to all the above, and.. beyond!
By   - Film Executive from Beverly Hills, California on 6/4/2015
Whether this smells like straight up Johnson & Johnson baby powder OR delicate rose petals with the faintest dusting of powdered sugar is basically a coin toss with how it reacts on your skin. If it's too sweet, try the Du Soir version and you might have better luck as it's a bit darker.
By  on 4/1/2015
It is smell of my happy childhood in my old country in the south where my grandpa would always bring us rahat loukhoum from the market as a treat, I smell honey, almond blossom, sweet roses from our garden and something else I cannot describe, all together it smells to me like pure happiness
By   - from Fort Myers on 12/17/2013
I have been wearing this fragrance exclusively ever since I first got a sample many years ago BUT while supposedly nothing but the packaging has changed this is NOT the same fragrance any longer. The scent is noticeably different and the change is unfortunately a bad one. Very disappointing!
By   - Lawyer from New York on 6/14/2013
It is a wonderful fragrance, very sweet, very powdery but unique and glamorous! It has great longevity although the sillage is not excellent on my skin, somehow it is "tamed" with all the powder. To be honest, a friend of mine wearing it, and on her the sillage is great, so I guess you have to try it for yourself.
By  on 5/16/2013
I liked the concept of this so much I was determined to love it...but my boyfriend said it was only OK in the bottle and revolting on me! For the Australians out there, I'd recommend MOR's Marshmallow instead - it's nicer and much cheaper
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 7/11/2012
Loukhoum is gorgous--the ultimate fragrance for lovers of sweets. It's sugared almonds with just a touch of rose. It reminds me of Guerlain's L'Instant Magique without the citrus. It's soooo feminine, like a powder puff. A sweet tooth is necessary to like this one.
By  on 5/31/2012
I am not normally a fan of sweet or powdery scents, so was surprised to find myself attached to this one when sniffing around the store one day. Its unabashedness is charming. I've gotten many compliments that it smells fresh, so that's a good sign. If you are feeling cautious, try the Eau Poudree version, which is a little bit more grown up.
By   - designer from Los Angeles on 2/21/2012
I actually expected this to smell more like L'Artisan's Traversee du Bosphore, so when I got my sample in the mail I was a little disappointed. However, over the course of one day, this fragrance became addictive for me, and now I'm about to order a full bottle! The other two (eau poudree and parfum du soir) are also lovely, but the original is the one I can imagine wearing every day, for almost any occasion. I'll probably break down and buy du soir before the year is's just a little more sexy and...specific. But I love Loukhoum! My bank account probably hates me right now.
By   - nurse from Austin on 10/6/2011
Love the bottle. Smelled really good in bottle. Nice almond and sweet rose beginning but on me the dry down was too powdery and fussy. If only it finished with more honey and vanilla. Just didn't like the end and had to wash off. Maybe on someone else.
By   - writer from tucson on 6/16/2011
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