Eau de Parfum

by Keiko Mecheri

Loukhoum Sizes Available:
100ml $165
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Loukhoum...
Johnson’s Baby Lotion turned up to 11 or 12. There’s rose, definitely, but most of all I’m contending with that sugared almond, which is the approximate size of an SUV. Drydown’s a powdery, surprisingly clinical marshmallow-vanilla, but in a way that’s more wearable in public than, say, smearing pieces of Turkish delight on your wrists (the other possible path). I like this far more than I expected to, and surely those closest to me shall pay the price.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/14/2018
The perfume itself is pretty and traditionally feminine in the sample vial. Once on my skin, it is a powder bomb the almond and rose overpowering any other note. It became a bit of a scrubber lasting well through many arm washes. Although I am sure it will work for someone else that appreciates long lasting and traditional perfume, it is not my type of scent.
By   - Animals from NC on 5/14/2017
This scent is a beautiful transparent, aqueous gourmand. Fresh on the skin it''s like amaretto - a sweet yet refreshing almond that softens to a marshmallow or vanilla cotton candy, without being cloying or immature - although if you don''t favor feminine or powdery - this may not be for you.I love it. This goes on my top shelf with Nobile 1942 - La Danze Delle Libellule, Lucy & Pilar - Tiptoeing Through the Chambers of the Moon, and Aroma M - Geisha Noir.
By   - Art Jeweler from Dover, DE on 3/1/2017
When they describe this as deliriously sweet, they are not kidding. I found it to be sweet to the point of cloying. If you''re Indian, the smell of this will take you straight to an incense box of old. It''s not balanced enough for me -- needs a little smoke or wood to balance out the strong sweetness.
By   - Marketing Executive from Bedminster, NJ on 2/16/2017
Smells like baby lotion
By   - Sales from KatKey West on 7/17/2016
LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I wish I could afford the whole bottle. The sample is amazing!
By   - Banker from Portland, OR on 3/14/2016
When you are in the mood to be wrapped in a warm comforter in front of the fire, but need to be at work or elsewhere, this is the time to wear this scent. It is a rich, protective, comfort scent. Loved my sample, but love my full bottle even more.
By   - Professor from Salt Lake City on 10/22/2015
Make no mistake - this is a heavy hitter. Light, delicate, veil-of-scent wearers beware. This scent is dense, heavy, thick and buttery-rich. But when you are in the mood for wearing a devilishly intense gourmand potion, there is nothing better.
By   - govt from Abu Dhabi on 9/7/2015
This is one of my very private, most secretive, charmingly pleasureful addictions. I feel like the main character of 50 Shades of Gray (not the one seen in the recent clumsy, tacky movie''s version, but, the one breaking hearts in those truly titillating, sexy books) giving life to my most dangerous, troubling, or perhaps just simply sensual, deepest desires, and, having Loukhoum by my side, becomes clearly one of my main weapons, one of my most delicate and sublime poisons: an intoxicating, pink, exotic essence, that''s so rare in its aroma''s it could just be out of a divine Oriental dream, while it''s mysterious power lingers over clouds of pure baby talc, and sugar candy, making of it the very master standing easily above all dreamy juices with its excellence: a few drops poured over the corsets, or the languid skin, or even the pulsating hearts of my beautiful girlfriends, seem indeed at times, way more than enough to do the trick, and, accomplish all of my darkest desires. You cannot say no to Loukhoum, and if you say no, it is because you know how fragile of a prey you are.. Its ingredients have always been very vague, and, kept under wraps: i believe there''s a lot more than what they wanna disclose on here: perhaps some of the finest heliotrope? And,maybe some real sublimated baby powder''s essence? And, soft violets, and, intense roses, and nectar''s, with their wickedly perfumed dusting dew? Pure sugar?I don''t know. I don''t need to know at this point, since i have been hooked into the game of this exclusive scent from lovely Keiko Mecheri, for a very long time, now! But, i could easily bet, there are way more secrets in this composition than in way, way many other, and, much more famous, classic best sellers to date.I can only say one thing: that, very often, it is the very primal, sweet, most elusive of the secrets that can bring us down to some incredibly lush pleasures, and, to some of the most intense, and awaited abandonment. And, Loukhoum does definitely performs impeccably, when it comes to all the above, and.. beyond!
By   - Film Executive from Beverly Hills, California on 6/4/2015
Whether this smells like straight up Johnson & Johnson baby powder OR delicate rose petals with the faintest dusting of powdered sugar is basically a coin toss with how it reacts on your skin. If it''s too sweet, try the Du Soir version and you might have better luck as it''s a bit darker.
By  on 4/1/2015
It is smell of my happy childhood in my old country in the south where my grandpa would always bring us rahat loukhoum from the market as a treat, I smell honey, almond blossom, sweet roses from our garden and something else I cannot describe, all together it smells to me like pure happiness
By   - from Fort Myers on 12/17/2013
I have been wearing this fragrance exclusively ever since I first got a sample many years ago BUT while supposedly nothing but the packaging has changed this is NOT the same fragrance any longer. The scent is noticeably different and the change is unfortunately a bad one. Very disappointing!
By   - Lawyer from New York on 6/14/2013
It is a wonderful fragrance, very sweet, very powdery but unique and glamorous! It has great longevity although the sillage is not excellent on my skin, somehow it is "tamed" with all the powder. To be honest, a friend of mine wearing it, and on her the sillage is great, so I guess you have to try it for yourself.
By  on 5/16/2013
I liked the concept of this so much I was determined to love it...but my boyfriend said it was only OK in the bottle and revolting on me!For the Australians out there, I''d recommend MOR''s Marshmallow instead - it''s nicer and much cheaper
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 7/11/2012
Loukhoum is gorgous--the ultimate fragrance for lovers of sweets. It''s sugared almonds with just a touch of rose. It reminds me of Guerlain''s L''Instant Magique without the citrus. It''s soooo feminine, like a powder puff. A sweet tooth is necessary to like this one.
By  on 5/31/2012
I am not normally a fan of sweet or powdery scents, so was surprised to find myself attached to this one when sniffing around the store one day. Its unabashedness is charming. I''ve gotten many compliments that it smells fresh, so that''s a good sign. If you are feeling cautious, try the Eau Poudree version, which is a little bit more grown up.
By   - designer from Los Angeles on 2/21/2012
I actually expected this to smell more like L''Artisan''s Traversee du Bosphore, so when I got my sample in the mail I was a little disappointed. However, over the course of one day, this fragrance became addictive for me, and now I''m about to order a full bottle! The other two (eau poudree and parfum du soir) are also lovely, but the original is the one I can imagine wearing every day, for almost any occasion. I''ll probably break down and buy du soir before the year is over...it''s just a little more sexy and...specific. But I love Loukhoum! My bank account probably hates me right now.
By   - nurse from Austin on 10/6/2011
Love the bottle. Smelled really good in bottle. Nice almond and sweet rose beginning but on me the dry down was too powdery and fussy. If only it finished with more honey and vanilla. Just didn''t like the end and had to wash off. Maybe on someone else.
By   - writer from tucson on 6/16/2011
This perfume is the most beautiful thing I''ve ever had the pleasure of wearing, I am seriously addicted right now!!! Yes, to begin with it starts of somewhat baby powdery, which I''ve no desire for at all.... but give it a few minutes and you (or at least I) et a sweet powdery incense of roses and honey and almonds...its simply beautiful. Those of you familiar with Snowcake by Lush, will adore this as its very similar, but far better and much sweeter! I''m saving up for a full bottle!
By   - Artist from UK on 6/10/2011
So I finally got a sample of the famous Loukhoum, by KM ... and what a stupendous let down it was! I thought I would smell warm, sweet and almondy. Instead, I smell J&J baby powder, as others correctly said. There is nothing sophisticated, grown-up about this, at all. It reminds me of a plastic doll I had when I was a kid. She smelled exactly like this. Yummy? Hardly. I would never eat anything that smelled like KM''s Loukhoum.
By   - from Realville on 5/27/2011
I thought I''d fall in love with this scent, but nope. I found it to be too powdery, and I really enjoy other powdery scents a lot (Les Nereides- Douceur de Vanille for example). This just felt overpowering powdery to me. Oh well, I still think the brand is great. This one just wasn''t good on me. Last a long time though and the sillage is quite strong.
By   - from Montreal on 5/17/2011
At first I wasn''t too impressed with this fragrance. It reminded me of powdery Cabbage Patch Kids, or the way My Little Ponies smell, but with some cherry Ludens in the background. Then I noticed I kept reaching for my sample until it was completely gone. I especially love putting this fragrance on my neck, and then putting a scarf on to heat it up and create a halo of nostalgic 80s comfort. I grew addicted to the Lolita appeal of this fragrance. It''s got that sexy-child kind of vibe, and I will probably purchase a full bottle in the future. Also, this really blooms with my skin chemistry, and lasts all day.
By   - from Baltimore on 4/23/2011
I am 100% anti-powder, but this fragrance is wearable for me. It is a sophisticated powder fragrance with no likeness of baby powder or grandma. It has a sweetness to it that reminds me of honeyed fruit. It might be a little strong to some initially, but the dry-down is very comforting.
By   - from Belgium on 12/27/2010
Baby powder, just straight up baby powder. Dang it!
By   - from East Bay on 11/20/2009
I received a sample of this with an order for something else. I''m not usually into gourmande fragrances, but I loved Loukoum instantly and it got better as it dried down. I find this to be delicious, warm and not too sweet - like brandied pears perfect for the holidays. I have gotten many compliments when I wear this fragrance and the scent really lasts.
By   - Manager from Princeton, NJ on 9/14/2009
An immediate feeling of being a little girl in autumn(fall) even though nothing in it seems to point to autumn ,Also it seems to make everything else I smell smell nice as if its a great background smell !! does that sound nuts???I m not into foody smells or overly sweet smells or johnson and johnson baby smells and I love this.The bottle should have big pink fluffy arms to hug you!!
By   - full time mum from Cumbria on 7/20/2009
Keiko Mecheri''s Loukhoum artfully mixes notes that are found in loukhoum (rose, almond) but unlike Serge Lutens'' Rahat Loukhoum, there is none of that "super sweetness". You don''t feel like you''re smelling like food. It is suprinsingly dry, with a powdery feel to it that makes it unexpected and unconventionnal. 5 stars for sure.
By  on 6/3/2009
A wonderful perfume. It is warm and although it does remind of loukhoum candy - there is no "food" aspect to it. I''m totally addicted to it. A revelation!
By  on 6/3/2009
Unfortunately I get ALL baby powder from this. Pure Johnson and Johnson''s. I was really disappointed.
By   - from Chicago on 5/29/2009
Ilike loukhoum scents. But this is waaaaaaaay too sweet and waaaaaaaaaaaay too powdery. Headache.
By  on 4/9/2009
Loukhoum is so nice...I love it more every time I use it. It does smell like the real turkish delight without the sugar. I can not say enough good things...each person receives her individual gift from perfume but Loukhoum is lovely and eloquent.
By  on 2/9/2009
It''s sweet and almond-y--and unlike some of KM other perfumes it has a much longer lasting power on me. And while it is nice it''s not WOW. Although for a gourmand style perfume it is understated and not in your face which is very appealing.
By  on 1/28/2009
I found this to be horrible. The fragrance is very sweet in a horrible synthetic way. Think of cherry chapstick mixed with plasticky vanilla.
By   - from Chicago on 1/18/2009
Yikes - this was WAY too sweet and powdery on me almost reminded me of the way cabbage patch dolls smell (not a bad smell, but certainly NOT what I want to smell like). You really must adore gourmands to get into Loukhoum. Not for me.
By   - teacher from Portland on 11/2/2008
I loved this scent at first whiff but once on my skin it developed into something ''too much'' - too much powder, sweetness and intensity. And my husband, who usually loves gourmand fragrances, thought it was incredibly cloying.
By   - from Dallas on 10/31/2008
Yes, it''s definitely loukhoum. Sweet, almondy, vanillic and rosy. I find this to be an original scent, I haven''t smelled this in other perfumes before and it''s great!
By   - Student from Landskrona, Sweden on 9/24/2008
It is a little powdery but very long lasting. I keep smelling myself and loving it all day. My husband said it is a comforting snuggling smell!!!
By   - from New Jersey on 9/11/2008
It is a little powdery but very long lasting. I keep smelling myself and loving it all day. My husband said it is a comforting snuggling smell!!!
By   - from New Jersey on 9/11/2008
Beautiful, very comforting scent, just bought on the fly based on reviews, never smelling it before hand, and I love it, long lasting too.
By   - stay at home mom from New Jersey on 8/29/2008
Powdery and sweet, and I agree, it does last all day.
By  on 7/28/2008
smokey sweet powdery...i had to try a sample based on thereviews.
By   - agent from st pete on 6/28/2008
I love this fragrance! It is sweet and powdery, but that''s my thing. Obviously the same scents don''t appeal to everyone. But the best part about this scent is that LASTS ALL DAY and even after work when I go to the gym and get a good workout in I CAN STILL SMELL IT! Don''t be fooled by the price tag either - it''s a huge bottle. I will definitely buy more of this brand.
By   - from Chicago on 6/25/2008
At first very powdery. But based on the reviews decided to give it time. An hour later was much fonder. 4 hours later deep in the throws of love. On me it starts off powder then the powder gently wisps away to reveal the true scent, as if hiding from detection, not letting you experience it, not letting you really know who it is until….it trusts you enough… and then….and only then….oh what a wonderful comforting, and somehow captivating scent. Drawing you into its grasp revealing its sensual soul to an entrusted few. Like a lover long pushed from memory it blooms exposing not your thoughts, but its true intent, to have you enthralled in its spell. And you ever so innocently drawn to the hidden and forbidden depth. Ok give it an hour and it smells d#*n wonderful!
By   -  Counselor  from Texas on 5/5/2008
Not being a big fan of sweet powdery fragrances I decided to try a sample just for a change. Usually I go for spicey, heady types of perfumes and I am really very surprised how much I like this. Loukhoum starts off a little too sweet, but settles down to a wonderful almond and to me cherry scent that is not too loud or overpowering. There is some powder scent but it is not at all baby powdery which fades fairly quickly. Lucky Scent has the description spot on : This may become addicting
By  on 4/7/2008
If you''ve ever eaten Loukhoum (or "Turkish Delight") you''ll understand why this fragrance is so aptly named! The scent is sweet without being overpowering... it''s musky enough to evoke Oriental mystery and sensuality... and the faint after-scent of powdered sugar wraps the whole experience with a sublime delicacy. It''s part angel, part vixen... and very, very alluring.
By   - Attorney from Los Angeles on 3/11/2008
I normally hate sweet powdery scents (especially ones with vanilla notes), but this is actually pretty interesting. I certainly got the powder, but for some reason what this most reminded me of was hiking in the late summer. This scent really evokes that hot, somewhat cloying (but nice), smell of pine resin and freshly opened pine cones. Weird, huh? Or maybe my nose is nuts!
By  on 2/10/2008
A really intense powder scent - but instead of being overwhelming, it was familiar and comforting - like a childhood memory.
By   - from Atlanta, GA on 12/8/2007
By   - Personal fragrance shopper from cincinnati on 10/27/2007
I put some on before going out to walk my dog. All the time while I was walking I was dreaming of getting home so I could was the sickly smell from my skin. I had to use a lot of soap and water and I can still smell it, so it has a great lasting power.It IS a unique, special scent, but I dont think this one is for me. Maybe I put to much on.
By   - Student from Oslo on 10/6/2007
imagine the giant marshmallow guy in the ''ghostbusters'' movie is actually made out of baby powder. imagine him eating a very sticky, yummy pastry- like baklava. now imagine he''s rubbed his cheek on your arm. that''s Loukhoum. it is a BIG, SWEET smell. not for me- but it is complex and lovely and wears and wears and wears. I will try other Keiko samples- she''s obviously a master at her craft.
By   - artist from south san francisco on 9/19/2007
Wow...Vanilla lovers unite! I received my sample today, and I am in love...hubby will be too...I have three different vanilla scents, this one will top them! YUM!
By   - musician from Tacoma on 8/16/2007
The first time I tried this one, it was "bleah! Powder!" I did not get the gourmand notes at all. Now, however, I pick up lovely complex hints of rose, almond and musk that blend with the powder, making it a rich and hypnotic fragrance that develops over hours and leaves my clothes smelling fantastic!
By   - RN  from philadelphia on 8/3/2007
Soft and powdery, rich and sexy all at the same time!
By   - from Hawaii on 8/1/2007
Um, not a scent for me, but perhaps I could see this perfume being lovingly adored by someone with whimsical tastes.It reminds me of those invertible Cupcake-turn-Girl toys I used to play with in my youth. Plastic sweetness.
By   - from New York on 7/23/2007
This is hella sexy. It''s decadent. Love it. Yes, LS got the description right, it is totally addictive.
By   - Bullfighter from NJ on 5/25/2007
I was ok with this scent when I put it on. It seemed soft and pretty but then my husband asked me what I was wearing. I told him it was a new perfume sample and he started to laugh and told me to get rid of it. He said it smells exactly like the urinal deodorizer cakes they place in the men’s rest rooms. So needless to say I am getting rid of it.
By   - Sales from Minnesota on 5/21/2007
This one is SO not me. I was hoping to find a more accessable version of SL Loukhoum, but no suck luck.
By   -  Lighting Tech from Los Angeles on 5/17/2007
Though nicer than either, this reminds me a little of Vera Wang Princess (or at least the VWP dry down on me to a powdery softeness) and Love''s Baby Soft. Good staying power for me too. Scent was also consistent between application and dry down, at least to my nose. Also, good news for those who tend to be heavyhanded fragrance appliers - this is comforting and nonoffensive enough that you can apply away and there''s little collateral damage. :)
By   - from Texas on 5/2/2007
I have never had so many people inquire about what perfume I am wearing before. I am very addicted to this, and I am the type to not usually wear perfume. It has a soft sweet baby powder scent that I love.
By  on 4/22/2007
To me, this is exactly what Exact Friction of Stars would smell like if you took out the orange, chocolate, and vanilla. This smells really yummy, but I love EFOS so much better because of all the vanilla. This was so almondy on me. but the longer I wore it, the more it grew on me. If I wore it everyday I would probably love it, but I already have a bottle of EFOS which fullfills my ''yummy fall scent'' need. The staying power is awesome! I still smelled it after my shower!
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok on 3/24/2007
Strong, sweet, lollyish, smells literally like Loukhoum. I found it overpowering and cloying.
By   - Chef from Wellington on 3/20/2007
i rec''vd a sample of this the other day, it had a weird dirty diaper, baby powder scent on me. Really strange how everyones'' chemistry makes it do different things.I love cherry almond vanilla scents so pretty, this could have worked but the nuttiness made it smell like the dirty diaper. weird
By   - from boston on 3/19/2007
Delightful, and I''m very glad that I snagged one of these gift sets to get that nifty purse spray. For all the rose and powder, the edible delight of pistachio and sugar comes thundering through, and lasts for hours. The rose is, of course, a foodie rose - an arabic candy rose, a delicious, understated rose. And the powder? All powdered sugar, babee. I feel delicious when I wear this.
By   - Haflacrat from Gleann Abhann on 2/27/2007
OK, posting back after using up my sample. I did end up buying a full bottle. I ended up addicted as so many others have. The scent is luscious, heavy at first, but dries down to soft vanilla musk with hints of marshmallow and cherries on me. There is almond in the beginning. This lasts ALL day, it is quite a bargain in that respect. I only need a little sprtiz in the morning and you can still smell it at bedtime. My friend brought me back Loukhoum from Turkey at Christmas and there are some similarities, but I''ve learned that there are many varieties of Loukoum candy--the sweetness, sugary almond scent are there in both candy and perfume, I smelled more rose in the candy than in the perfume. Unfortunately! I would have liked a little more rose. However, it is still a great and unusual scent. I like that nobody else wears it and my children love it. It''s a cozy yet classy scent. I agree with the poster who said that you could wear this anywhere. Highly recommend!
By   - SAHM from Hartford on 2/8/2007
Oops! I meant two stars (better than one but not much in my book)
By   - from miami on 2/6/2007
In theory, I''d love this and generally I think KM rocks, but I have to say there is something yucky about this--the yum turns into yuck on my skin at least. I much prefer the perfumes that luckyscent suggests are related to this.
By   - from miami on 2/6/2007
Yummy to every man''s tummy. Lasts all day too!
By   - Producer from NYC on 1/3/2007
Oh, smells great!!! Very similar to Sweet Oriental Dream Montale and Serge Lutens Rahat Loukhoum. Thinking about getting the full bottle.
By   - from Ithaca, NY on 12/28/2006
I have to update my review. I haven''t decided to buy a bottle yet, but like so many others, Loukoum is growing on me. I keep going back to the sample even though I have about 9 others from Lucky Scent to try. This is like the vampires of perfumes or something...it draws you in and makes you love it. If I use just a dab it dries down to something very wearable. Soft, sweet, but complex. It doesn''t smell like every other vanillacandy scent out there. Once I finish the sample I"ll report back whether or not I purchased the bottle!
By   - SAHM from Hartford on 12/23/2006
This is a really lovely and unique fragrance, but not for me. It is so sickly sweet upon first spritz, it is almost nauseating. Drydown takes a LONG time...this definitely lasts and lasts. From shower to shower as they say. But the drydown takes too long on me before it reaches a place where I can enjoy it. It did help me to figure out that I am looking for a light skin scent, because what I like most about this is the end of the drydown, where you can smell the musk and vanilla. A friend is bringing me back some authentic Loukhoum from Turkey at Christmas and I look forward to comparing them, though!
By   - SAHM from Hartford on 12/19/2006
This smells exactly like baby oil.
By   - Law student from New Orleans on 12/13/2006
LOVE. This is a natural heaven to my nose. Clean, warm, soothing and soft. An all-year, anytime fragrance. I was smitten at first whiff and can''t wear anything else.
By   - from Philadelphia on 11/20/2006
Wow. I have been going through my sample from Lucky for the last couple of days and so far things have been...Okkaaaaay, and then this! This is really a fine piece of artistry...it smells like so many things but just not quite..so that you get the joys of familiarity and newness at the same time. Very baby pwderish, very light sweet vanilla...a good strong honey...unfortunately i get no rose but a little hawthorn. I think it''s definitely an evening scent and I am still not sure if I could wear it or not...it''s on the verge of being too girly or womanly really. hmm.
By   - internazionale zenzation from Cambridge, MA on 10/19/2006
Yum. Not my usual fare - a little sweet, but somehow it comes together in a way that isn''t too little girlish or cloying. I like it!!
By   - student/mother from D.C. on 10/11/2006
When I first tried SL''s Rahat Loukhoum, I thought it to be the end-all, be-all of loukhoums KM''s Loukhoum, after all, opened up with too much rose petal and knocked me down the way one never hopes to be knocked down by fragrance. But a year or so later, after revisiting KM''s version, I think I''m falling in love. It''s very rich on first spritz, but then calms to a soft baby powdervanillaalmond fragrance that''s nothing short of sweet and sexy. I''d love this in roll-on form, so I can subtly dab it behind my neck, by my hairline. Love it!
By   - Makeup artist from Ontario, Canada on 10/4/2006
Oooooooooooh! LOVE this! I do agree with another reviewer that this wasn''t "love at first whiff", but isn''t falling in love what it''s all about? This one grew on me. No rough edges, a nice blurry scent mix, with (yes) the powdery note taking prominance for awhile. But that works on me! Couldn''t catch the rose note, but a sultry vanilla note really pleased my nose. Great staying power without the slightest hint of a headache, and I''d feel comfortable yet feminine in this one for day or night wear. A feel-good fragrance that makes me feel "dressed" regardless of how casual I''m dressed. This one sold me.
By   - from Missouri on 10/1/2006
In the bottle and on first application on me, this is a very strong baby powder smell. But after about half an hour, it develops into a warm, creamy, sensual scent with hints of powder and musk. Sounds like this does different things on different people. Definitely worth a try!
By   - self on 8/28/2006
i love this!!! try layering it with les nereides doceur de vanille. yum!!
By  on 8/4/2006
i love this!!! try kayering it with les nereides doceur de vanille. yum!!
By  on 8/4/2006
yummy!! light, powdery vanilla with a hint of rose. makes me feel warm and cozy!!
By  on 8/4/2006
As a foodie, I wanted to love it.Yeah why do so may scents have to be ruined with that overdone powdery thing?Want to try Gourmandises ... don''t know if that will be to my liking or not, but I search!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
I expected to love it bc I love vanilla and rose scents. And rahat loukhuom is one of my favorite sweets, which has a beatiful scent. But all I smell is baby powder. And an overwhelming sickening baby powder at that. My husband thinks it smells a bit like burning candlescandlewax not at all powdery (which he normally detects a mile away and absolutely hates) - go figure.
By   - from san diego on 6/10/2006
I thought this would have been perfect for me...a great fallwinter scent...but the powdery note was overwhelming to me. Just smelling this on my wrist made my throat scratchy like a bottle of baby powder was just squeezed under my nose. I could see ladies loving this...very rich with the honey and the hint of almond and cherries. Just not for me...WAY too powdery!
By   - from APO on 6/5/2006
Reminds me of Aquolina Pink Sugar, but without the cotton candy. Very long staying power which is a plus! very much worth it''s price as well.
By   - from Charleston on 6/2/2006
OMG! I have worn TONS of fragrances over my 51 year life on this earth, but NONE compare to this one in terms of happy to my nose and happy to other noses as well. I get compliments at office, at grocery, at car washes, at bank, everyone follows me, sniffing the air. The bold ones ask what I''m wearing. Sorry I cannot pronounce this fragrance, but will wear it forever! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My THIRD order x two (in case it''s ever discontinued). Let''s not think about that dreadful day. Jean
By   - Administrative from Lexington SC on 5/18/2006
This smelled like a burned down forrest mixed with babypowder on me...not exactly what I0m looking for in a fragrance...
By   - from Europe on 3/24/2006
By   - REAL ESTATE AGENT from NEW YORK on 3/22/2006
Loukhoum is my signature scent... I fell in love with its light sugary scent the moment I first breathed it in. My only complaint is that the fragrance fades quicky... I wish there were some sort of essential oil blend of the same scent so that I could experience it longer. All the same, it''s worth it. I get compliments every single time I wear Loukhoum!
By   - Attorney from Los Angeles on 3/18/2006
Aack! I had to scrub this off immediately! Smelled of some sort of baby wipes on my skin, coupled with rotten fruit! So much for chemistry. This is the reason that sampling is so essential when choosing a scent if I''d gone by description, notes, and comments alone, I would''ve bought this in a heartbeat and consequently been 80.00 poorer! Thanks, Luckyscent, for your testers and helpful staff at Scent Bar!
By  on 3/11/2006
Loukhoum is absolutely darling. It is so fluffy soft and sweet (not candy sweet but precious), the musk is perfectly balanced with all the other notes. It''s enchanting, but in a very unassuming way. Loukhoum has a way of making you say yes with no hard edges. No hard edges, yet it is still exotic.
By  on 2/22/2006
This is a must have! I never, in my life, thought that I would like a gourmand-oriental scent, but I do love this one! On me, I get no powder at all. I get a sweet powder sugar-covered cherries scent with rose petal jam. Delicious. The sillage is incredible yet light, too.
By   - College Student from Orange County, CA on 2/1/2006
This is the one I keep coming back to, my favorites of faves. YUMMY, warm, clean, soothing, absolutely sublime. I LOVE myself when I wear this!
By   - Mommy from NY on 1/25/2006
Much lighter than Angel, on me- less deep woods, more powdery feast.
By  on 1/12/2006
Rich and warm but never cloying...Besides the vanilla, I get mainly roses and almond with a smooth, muskypowdery and very sexy drydown, with a bit of spice to it. Delectable.
By   - student from bay area on 1/12/2006
Simply divine. Received a few days ago and have not been able to wear anything else. My husband usually doesn''t notice fragrances, but asked what I was wearing and said I smelled delicious! Will definitely be a keeper!!!
By   - from Birmingham on 12/12/2005
It''s strong, sweet, and doesn''t really smell like the description to me, either. Reminds me of an Angel-type scent, not my style, but maybe okay on someone else... just don''t stand too close, if you have a lot on. DH hates it.
By   - from from NC on 12/5/2005
I smell no vanilla and rose petal jam at all! Just soft rose-water hint of marshmellow powderiness, but I like that! Reminds me a little of the drydown of Estee, but that''s more soapy and floral. Pleasantly surprised!
By   - from chicago on 11/25/2005
Loukhoum is enchanting and luxurious. It''s the longest lasting fragrance I''ve ever worn in my life. I like to wear this one best during cold weather, especially at night. I can''t help sniffing myself throughout the day when I wear this one. I smell lots of vanilla and rose in Loukhoum and it''s not very powdery on my skin. The almondy drydown is fabulous.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 9/7/2005
sweet and overwhelming. If you like Sun by Zents, then you will like this. Very similar.
By  on 9/6/2005
Comfortingly creamy but not cloying the flowers do not come out on my skin and it does not smell like baby powder either. Dries down to a most sensuous vanilla and wood scent... truly addictive....
By   - from Milan on 7/31/2005
I thought I would like this, since I like powdery sweet fragrances. But this one smelled like very sweet and overpowering. I got a headache soon after putting it on!
By   - RN from Boston on 7/11/2005
Sugary, sweet, powdery. Not for me. I will stick with Serge Lutens'' version of this scent.
By   - from NYC on 7/9/2005
Baby powder-scented. Not a bad smell, but I want my perfume to smell like PERFUME, dangit!
By  on 6/10/2005
Addictive, creamy, powdery, sweet.My hubby goes crazy on this one, it is so femenine and soft and still lasts all day.My favorite from this line, The drydown is a baby-clean smell so comforting, so soothing, so girly and so yummy . Very original and agree it is" habit forming".
By   - from Florida on 5/13/2005
Mmmm! comforting, powdery, babyclean, dreamy.A sweet fragrance... a mixture of almonds musk and vanilla that turns into a delicious soothing aroma.My husband ADORES this perfume on me. Everytime a wear Loukhoum a lot of people tell me "you smell so good what are you wearing"?This one is my favorite of the KM line, so unique and delicious!
By  on 5/13/2005
At first, very powdery, sweet, but then it drys down to a beautiful, soft, vanilla woodiness. This may be my new day fragrance that I may layer for evening with a warmer fragrance for added lusciousness.
By   - executive  from N. California on 5/11/2005
LOVELOVELOVE this stuff. Powdery,soft,feminine. I also loved Lea, but it had no lasting power on me. The vanilla is much more subtle in this one, and it is less sweet than Lea, but it lasts and lasts.
By   - x-ray from calif on 4/12/2005
I am such a foodie and this scent is food smelling and comforting, but still smells like a perfume. It is fresh and oriental but maintains a lightness. I love it. Amazing staying power and is so sensual. One of my favorites of all time.
By   - Nutritionist from Bridgeport on 3/10/2005
This fragrance is definetely habit formimg. I can''t stop sniffing my wrists. It is such a delicate mix of vanilla, almond and rose. The drydown is almost a powdery marshmellow scent - it''s very nice.
By   - from Jacksonville FL on 3/3/2005
In the battle of the loukhoums, Serge Lutens Rahat Loukuoum beats Keiko on me. This gives me too much baby powder and too sweet vanilla.
By   - Stylist  from Northern California on 1/27/2005
on second bottle. what can i say. its become a signature scent for me, a co worker loved it so much, i bought it for her for holiday. it smells great on her too, but a little different..but equally as beautiful. i know fragrnace changes with chemistry but when its on the right person, its heaven.... unklike some vanilla scents I am not overwhelmed by vanilla , more of the powdery almond mix that belends with my skin. this with a few drams of serge lutens and the rose and cherry notes waft out subtly. its a MUST HAVE. move over serge.
By   - beauty executive from nyc on 1/7/2005
This is definitely one of my favorites. It is sweet (but not too much so) and powdery. It is wonderful!
By   - Flight Attendant from Cleveland on 11/28/2004
The description sounded amazing, but a sample of it smelled just like Stila''s Creme Bouquet at twice the price. A powdery vanilla that was sickeningly sweet and girly on me- I can''t say it didn''t last but unfortunately I smelled like a Victorian boudior that hadn''t been aired out in a century.
By   - from L.A. on 10/1/2004
love this and if you crave soft skin scents with a twist this may be the one. chenistry makes a big difference. its very powdery on some, but it works well with my own chemistry. first a soft cloud of cherry almond powder and the drydown is more almond with a hint of powder. it is a sweet scent, and not for everyone. it definitely has more "bang" than you would think. someone told me it smelled like a baby''s skin after its powdered...
By   - marketing executive from big apple on 8/28/2004
I love trhis scent. It is so soft and pretty, and it lasts all day. I have received so many compliments from other doctors and nurses, and even patients while making rounds.
By   - physician from ft. lauderdale on 8/12/2004
Never thought I''d use the words "clean" and "vanilla" together to describe a scent, but that''s what Loukhoum is--a very fresh-smelling oriental. I''m surprised it has so many flowers in it, when all I can smell is the vanilla, almond and a touch of honey. Comparable to Lea St. Barth in both smell and price, but this one has greater staying power.
By   - journalist from Manila, Philippines on 7/28/2004
very gentle...soft & nutty, vanilla...pricey but beautiful. my man adored it. makes you seem edible! don''t know what a "rahat loukhoum" is (or how to pronounce it), but if it smells like this i''d love to try one!
By   - massage therapist from aspen on 7/22/2004
This has to be one of the prettiest scents that I have ever smelled. Plus, it lasted all day on my skin. It''s such a soft scent that can be worn year round.
By   - from nyc on 7/21/2004
i like this. it smells like powder, but better. it''s really soft and pretty.
By  on 7/20/2004
I prefer this to SL''s Loukhoum - much softer.
By   - advocate from Downey, CA on 6/5/2004
Absolutely fell in love with this at first sniff. Lasts all day and the vanilla exoticness I never tire of. Wear it everyday.
By   - accountant from San Francisco on 5/23/2004
After reading some of the comments I could not wait to receive the sample! However, I was disappointed! I have actually eaten a loukhoumi (I''m Greek) and this is nothing like it. This scent was too strong for me. Sorry!
By   - from Schererville on 5/18/2004
This is just pure comfort to me. I love vanilla and I love smelling yummy, this is the most exciting find in a long time. Ordered it as a sample and just ordered the full size. Thank you LuckyScent, us girls(and guys!) can always depend on you to seek out the unique and special stuff. Fragrance is Fashion+ Fashion is Fragrance!
By   - from Tampa, Florida on 5/5/2004
Neither the musk nor rose developed on me. It smelled like baby powder with added creaminess from almond and vanilla. Sultry and warm. A tad too much powder for me personally, but I like the fragrance overall.
By   - Research Tech from Seattle on 4/5/2004
Absolutely love this soft powdery ultra feminine scent. Has incredible staying power. Some people compare it to Rahat by Serge Lutens but this one is far superior.
By   - Housewife from New York on 3/8/2004
The sample smelled more like baby powder than the full-sized bottle of fragrance. On me this is a sublime, soft, powdery, vanillic musky skin scent. Every now and then I catch a whiff of the decadent dessert for which it was named. Creamy, powdery and unusual.
By  on 2/10/2004
Cinnamon and baby powder, if you like that. Very powdery.
By  on 11/25/2003
Definitely smelled like baby powder on me. I gave it to my Mom
By   - from Providence on 11/14/2003
Amazing!It grows on you & you really do crave it-something about it smells mysterious yet familiar-One of my TOP 5! Lasts a long time too!Not a love at 1st sniff perfume-I tried it for a week before I fell for it-now I reach for it everyday -no matter what the occasion-its that great!
By   - Web Designer from Seattle on 11/2/2003
I expected to wear this as a "going out" scent because of all the rich notes - and it is great for that- but the drydown is so soft and comforting that I''m reaching for it as an everyday scent as well. Very nice.
By   - from Ames on 10/16/2003
I''ve never had a bad experience trying one of Lucky Scent''s new frangrances and this is no exception. I''ve had tons of compliments on this fantastic scent.
By   - Banker from Los Angeles on 9/30/2003
Definitely a sweet, powdery fragrance...it started out richly honeyed, which I loved, and then dried down into something so familiar - but I can''t quite put my finger on it. Definitely a "baby powder" aspect to it, and I can smell the almond distinctly. Definitely intriguing and elusive...will have to let this set and take my darling husband''s opinion.
By   - Gallery Owner from Montana on 9/29/2003
Smelled like baby powder on me.
By   - from San Francisco on 9/22/2003
Wonderful alternative to the near impossible to find Serge Lutens Rahat Loukoum. This is a light, clean, almond, vanilla, musk scent with tremendous staying power. It''s a perfect blend of clean and sweet without being cloying.
By   - from brookline on 9/20/2003
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