Keiko Mecheri

Isles Lointaines

Eau de Parfum

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100ml $165
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Isles Lointaines...
This is so incredibly beautiful, I really encourage anyone curious to try it. On me it's a sumptuous blend of sweet almond, tiare, gardenia, tuberose and vanilla rounding out the base. Inhaling is like wandering through a garden on an exotic holiday. No matter how I've tried to convince myself otherwise (far too much $ has been spent on fragrances this year already), this is too gorgeous to not be in my collection. I think it would be best for autumn, spring and summer. Good projection and longevity, can't think of a negative!
By   - Law on 5/4/2015
I'm very much on the fence with this one. Yes, I do like the smell, however it doesn't smell of Tiare/Gardenia to me! On my skin all I get is amber and almond with sugar and a bit of spice... it's not even really "tropical"! It's far too heavy and spicy for me to consider it tropical or even flowery. It actually smells like Thierry Mugler's Angel or Anna Sui's Sui Dreams!!! How odd... However having said that - it is pleasant, definitely a bit sexy. But in no way shape or form what I think of when someone says gardenia, tropical, tiare...etc. I personally think that Montale's Intense Tiare does a much better job at smelling tropical... even Calypso Christiane Celle's Gardenia is more gardenia IMO. This is definitely not a "fresh" scent..
By   - social worker on 4/15/2013
This opens with warm jasmine & tuberose, & l swear a touch of orange blossom or neroli, with ambery undertones. No gardenia though, & no almond on my skin. The tiare slowly becomes more noticeable, & then there's sweet vanilla & benzoin in the base. The notes list reads like a list of my favourite notes, & l adore tropical florals, however this didn't grab me as l expected it to. Perhaps l've just smelled too many of these type of scents though, so don't let me put you off! Definitely worth a try if you love tropical florals.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/20/2011
After more days wearing this perfume I like it more and more. I always liked it but now I'm starting to feel it's quite sexy and complex too. It's a lot more than I originally noticed. Wonderful and maybe the best in the Keiko Mecheri line for me so far( I also love Datura Blanche). It has good sillage and lasts a long time.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 5/23/2011
nice. It smells as if I'm lounging outside somewhere where it's warm & sunny and near the ocean. Tiare, gardenia, and jasmine are prominent but they're not as heady as they often can be when mixed together. This is a floral perfume for those who aren't all that into floral scents. Floral but not obvious floral. I like and appreciate this perfume, KM blends all her perfume wisely and delicately, but I don't think it has enough "bang, I f****ing can't get enough of this stuff" for me to go for a full bottle. But that could just be my personal experience and preferences. Worth buying a sample though.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 5/16/2011
Beautiful creamy floral. After ordering the sample, it was definitely full-bottle-worthy. I agree that the dominant note is Tiare and the gardenia stays with me only 15 or 20 minutes. The fragrance smells its best at that point with the almond and tiare taking center stage. Sweet and summery.
By   - musician from baltimore on 4/2/2011
Tiare, tiare, tiare, then gardenia, tiare, gardenia, tiare. Haven't yet found the almond but I don't care. This is a lazy day on a tropical island filled with flowers. I don't usually look for gardenia- it can be so bold and loud, but when mixed with tiare, it's heft keeps the mood flowing. Gorgeous and very much FBW (full bottle worthy).
By   - Stylist from South of San Francisco on 3/27/2011
Poor aldehyde mixture. It maybe has good ingredients, but the result is not good. This perfume does not deserve the name which it carries.
By   - artist from NY on 3/25/2011
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