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I truly love this fresh scent. I pair it with a heavier, animalistic musk (Serge Lutens - Muscs Koublai Khan) and the pairing is almost heaven for me. I only wear them once in a great while but when I do I get adoring comments. The other heavy musc smell is like I just left a brothel and then this fragrance lightens it all up with a nice white musk and blood orange, I tend to pair most of my colognes, Heeley Cardinal with MDCI Invaision Barbare, I only have nice things to say about this one, it lasts a long time on my skin and I am a HUGE fan. Thank you for this scent.
By   - Forensic Accountant from Los Angeles on 7/28/2017
This smells like an orange - only slightly more sophisticated than what I would expect from bath and body works. Very forgettable. Not very long-lasting. It's clean and not offensive at least.
By   - from New York on 2/10/2013
A very beautiful smell at the beginning (therefore **) but as soon as the musk enters the tune, it becomes a perfect odour of the sour armpit sweat... it's a shame to waster lovely bloody oranges...
By   - teacher from CH on 9/9/2011
love this, but it has NO staying power. Clean, fresh, drydown of musk and bitter orange with a sweet touch. Got a sample, loved it so much i bought a bottle thinking it might not matter that it doesn't stay...
By   - from ny on 8/29/2009
Oh no! I got a sample of this, and I thought I really liked it! In fact, I thought I liked it enough to buy a full bottle. That was my mistake. I guess dabbing it on from the sample vial is a different experience to spraying it on from the bottle. I found this way to strong, almost strident. And the strength doesn't die down very quickly either (at least not on me). I do get the blood orange, and that note is lovely, but there's something else, something very green that gets up my nose in an unpleasant way. Now I have a full bottle of a perfume I don't think I'm going to wear. Bummer!
By   - from Sydney, Australia on 9/27/2008
Clean & citrus?? No. Esp. not clean. The sample I tried smells citrusy for one second,.then it mixes in and all you smell is musk and old orange peels,.or a wierd leather smell, has like a spoiled smell to me. Real old or something.
By   - from CHICAGO, IL on 4/28/2008
I keep trying other citrus scents to compare and this one is still the Best! PS-do NOT always follow what other 'Reviewers reccomend!-the antica-mandarine-van boubon is simple awful-smells like petro!
By   - real perfume lover-with a great nose from midwest on 3/29/2008
This is a fabulous fragrance. I smell green crisp citrus but lightly sweet its perfect. KM your the bomb! You can have alot of fun with this fragrance cause its the kind of scent you can layer with something else to make more exciting.
By   - from Garfield, New Jersey on 3/25/2008
Amazingly, I didn't get any soapiness on this one. I would buy it if I could.
By   - Lighting Tech from Los Angeles on 2/7/2008
This is a soapy orange scent. It's pretty nice, but i like my orange, juicy. Not fresh out of the washer :(
By  on 12/20/2007
I think this scent has the potential to be fabulous on someone w different chemistry than me. It starts off soapy, citrusy, powdery. and very clean. There is something else very complex, but it never really blooms on me.
By   - artist from boston on 8/14/2007
Luv, luv, luved this beauuutiful green citrus blend...i only wish it lasted longer on me...*pout*...cant do a full bottle at the price
By   - Researcher from Westchester, NY on 2/11/2007
This did not work with my chemistry at all. On moi it had the unmistakable smell of dish washing soap.
By   - Publisher from Philadelphia on 11/24/2006
This smells gorgeous in the bottle, with definite rich orange and musk, but not too heavy. When I put it on myself, though, it was awful--reminded me of the old drugstore fragrance "Windsong". My cat snuggled with me right after I put it on, though, and SHE smelled fabulous! Must be my body chemistry. The dry-down was mellower, and the scent lasted over twelve hours on me. Definitely worth trying a sample--if it works with your chemistry, it's fantastic!
By  on 10/8/2006
very long lasting! great combination of blood orange and musk. the dry down is a soft musky scent, kind of sexy. I couldn't stop smelling myself in amazement! Looooove this scent!
By   - from shanghai on 10/5/2006
this is a beautiful scent. not really that citrusy, but sniffing it makes me feel so happy~
By   - from toronto on 10/5/2006
Yes, I would buy this.
By   - from Baltimore on 4/10/2006
After searching for a musk that I can smell on myself longer than a minute, this is it. This is gorgeous. The musk is strong enough to be more than a "clean" scent. 10 stars
By  on 3/24/2006
i love citrus and this is so clean.i can't stop smell my wrists.i can't give it 5 though 'cause after 2 hours it's completely gone
By   - from athens greece on 3/20/2006
Very good sillage for a musk scent. It really does make me resniff my arm every 5 minutes.
By  on 3/7/2006
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