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Clair Obscur

Eau de Parfum

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I give Keiko Mecheri's Clair Obscur five stars because this fragrance is as pure as you will find for a true jasmine scent. If you love jasmine, this perfume is the one for you. The initial nose of this is very sweet, almost pungent jasmine. Give it about ten minutes and the dry down is a very creamy heady floral jasmine. I would reach for this perfume in the Spring and Summer months. If you are searching fora multidimensional complicated fragrance, this may not be for you as it's a singular, uncomplicated's all about Jasmine! This perfume has great sillage at 8-10 hours. Bravo to KM for such a beautiful pure rendition of a much loved flower.
By   - Digital Media Manager from Boston on 9/30/2020
When I first applied this, it reminded me of Dolce from Dolce and Gabanna. After about an hour, it simmered down to a nice cinnamon-like Jasmine. There is a heady, designer vibe with this one. It's pretty, but did not get me going enough to pull the trigger on a 50ml.
By   - Sales from Dallas, Texas on 6/5/2020
Lovely floral; not too strong. I will wear this one.
By   - Librarian from San Antonio on 1/22/2018
As many others have said, this is very jasmine-y. Nice, though. Reminds me a bit too strongly of jasmine tea instead of the scent of jasmine flowers - maybe it just goes a bit bitter on me? Saving my sample for a hot summer day when I might want to smell like tea.
By   - attorney from Berkeley, CA on 3/3/2017
The best night blooming jasmine scent around. So many jasmine scents can smell medicinal or "old", but Keiko Mecheri is able to capture the nighttime stroll with a lover through the park with the night blooming jasmine wafting through the air and setting the mood for love. There is nothing medicinal or "old" about this one. When I wear this I get too many compliments. If you want an absolutely true smelling beautiful jasmine, this is your pick. The price for a bottle is perfect.
By   - from Louisville on 9/8/2014
I was really looking forward to this scent but I poured the whole sample vial on myself and still couldn't smell anything. Really disappointing.
By   - Student from Perth on 9/5/2014
i really loved this scent but wish it lasted longer- the scent was a nice strength at first but faded quite quickly on me. despite that, this is one of the loveliest jasmine scents i've smelled.
By  on 1/9/2014
Pure, real, natural, fresh jasmine! I knew it suppose to smell like jasmine but was amazed how real and natural jasmine it was. I can't smell nothing else at all but jasmine and I really like it! Great t I wear to work, on a hot summer day but also I think would be great on a cold winter day! Very lovely fragrance. My only wish it would last longer on my skin. Could feel it on me for about 3 hours? Great addition to my little collection, very grad I bought it
By   - Florida on 1/3/2014
Jasmine is one of those essences that can manage light and heady at the same time. Love at first sniff.
By   - from Florida on 3/15/2010
hmmmmm.... i really don't know. I can't decide whether I hate it or love it. It definitely IS jasmine! Smell it from afar and it's haunting beauty, smell it up close and it's a headache... Not a wearer's perfume, but will get everyone else in the room feeling dreamy.
By   - UK on 2/4/2010
The holy grail of jasmine scents, indeed. Late summer, humid and hot, you're walking about late at night feeling the air on your skin, and you're suddenly enveloped in a wash of delicious, delicate, fresh scent from a jasmine bush hidden somewhere in the dark, and you *have* to stop, breathing it in, maybe taking a step or two backwards to reposition yourself in the center of the cloud of scent - this is how one should always experience jasmine. And somehow, that experience has been bottled here. I'm a jasmine lover, but too often the true scent gets muddled with others and made sickly-sweet - through the addition of ylang-ylang perhaps, or vanilla. This perfume captures the purity, the simplicity, of the bloom. Too simple for some, perhaps - but only on its own. In my experience, it melds beautifully with the skin. My husband circles me like a bee whenever I put it on.
By   - programmer from Chicago on 2/1/2009
This is a really lovely, straightforward Jasmine with quite decent lasting-power and sillage. I think it would be a great summer scent, and would work really well layered with certain other scents. I am, however, not compelled to buy this - in the end it's just too linear - it doesn't move me. But if you're a Jasmine lover.....
By   - Teacher from Portland on 11/2/2008
The start was pleasant, but within 10 minutes on my hand, it had candy and chocolate tones, then after an hour, had some white floral notes and other notes like vanilla musk. I don't think of it as a true white floral.
By   - Young retiree from Tampa on 5/26/2008
Just lovely! A really breautiful pure jasmine. Four stars, but only because it's too floral for my tastes.
By   - from Maine on 11/7/2007
I have night-blooming jasmine in my garden. It tends to be invasive and has to be frequently trimmed, even while it's blooming. The night after a trimming, its scent is redolent with the aroma of crushed green stems and crushed blossoms - a scent that's greener and more pungent than its ordinary scent. This fragrance captures that green pungency in way that I've found to be unique among the available jasmine fragrances.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver, CO on 8/7/2007
I love the smell of jasmine but this perfume smells so powdery on me. I'm afraid I would never purchase it again. The sample I purchased on Ebay came in a roll-on applicator and that smelled absolutely heavenly. I don't know if the perfume is supposed to smell dramatically different when sprayed, but in my case it did.
By   - from Sonoma on 10/25/2006
My holy grail of jasmine scents My husband goes bananas when I wear this.
By   - from Chester NJ on 4/12/2006
This jasmine is very cool, soapy, and somewhat sharp. It smells remarkably like real night blooming jasmine flowers, but it completely misses the sweetness in night blooming jasmine, stephanotis jasmine, pink jasmine, etc....This is a tart jasmine, but I like it a lot. It's bright and fresh, and I really enjoy smelling it throughout the day. This is one of the truest, nicest jasmine fragrances I've tried.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 3/1/2006
It is very light and slightly powdery. Very different from all other jasmine I have tried. It is a hit with my husband who loves jasmine in general and this one in particular. I'm not so sure though.
By   - from NYC on 8/20/2005
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