Loukhoum Parfum du Soir

Parfum Extrait

by Keiko Mecheri

Loukhoum Parfum du Soir Sizes Available:
50ml $150
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Loukhoum Parfum du Soir...
This is truly a beautiful fragrance -- but it can be incredibly fickle. One minute I get lovely, soft hints of almond and rose and the next I get a sharp kick of oud. This definitely has more depth and complexity than the original, and is not quite as sweet, but again, it''s tenuous... Depending on your skin chemistry, I can see this turning into cloying, saccharine powder. I am one of the lucky ones who has the initial powder blast dissipate quickly, thank goodness because other gourmands can smell like molten plastic on me. Sample first and cross your fingers this works for you, because when it does, it''s an absolute dream!
By  on 4/1/2015
An amazing scent, wonderfully satisfying and cozy during this wintry weather. A head of classic, musky, powdery aldehydes opens into a decadent sucrée heart, rich with vanilla, almond, marshmallow, rose, tonka and sandalwood. A subtly brûlent confluence of black pepper, cinnamon...and a bitter-nicotine-like tobacco add intensity and sophistication, never allowing the sweetness to cloy. In very farthest drydown, a ghost of sandalwood and a deer-like musk remain. Sillage of the parfum-du-soir is actually quite restrained, given the powerful accords it contains. A fascinating, sophisticated scent... perhaps not for beginners. Graciously beautiful new glass flacon in a deep plum color.
By   - digital artist from boerne, TX, USA on 1/19/2015
I absolutely adore this fragrance. It took me getting past the initial powder blast (which could be worse), but after about an hour the rose begins to come through as well as the incensey and woody notes that blend together perfectly that I just can''t get enough of. The vanilla gives it just enough creaminess and I can''t stop coming back to my sample. The longevity is very good and I keep catching little whiffs of it for hours. I''m saving my pennies for a bottle for sure.
By   - Student from North Carolina on 9/20/2014
I have sampled all 3 versions of Loukhoum (plus Sweet Oriental Delight) and this is the version I ended up purchasing. I know little about fragrances, but I know what I crave and there is something addictive about this. The patchouli is not obvious at all,but it is there if you compare it directly to the other versions giving it a kind of powdery incense on the dry down. 90% of all fragrances I sample do not appeal to me but I fell in Love with this from first whiff. I would suggest sampling all 3 versions plus Sweet Oriental Delight (extremely similar) before purchasing.
By   - mailman/photographer from Chester,VA on 7/27/2014
This perfumes smells of burnt brown sugar, then dries down to cotton candy, and settles on marshmallow. I didn''t find any rose or rosewater in there anywhere. I might like this perfume if it weren''t so overpowering. The first whiff inspired an, "oh!" of delight. Then I dabbed a bit on, and suddenly smelled as if I had spilled melted ice cream all over myself without bothering to clean it up. Even the sample bottle overpowered the other two bottles I received with an order, so I have no idea what they smell like yet. This might work better on someone else, but it was not for me. I am torn between passing it on to someone younger who might like the melted candy smell or just tossing it out so that other scents in my collection have a chance to survive.
By   - from chapel hill, nc on 4/26/2013
very nice, smooth and sweet but not cloying. intense without being overpowering can be good on a man too
By   - from melbourne on 5/11/2011
Does anyne remember the old fragrance Heaven Scent? This is what it reminds me of. I still like it though.
By   - teacher from casper on 1/29/2011
Overwhelming on the vanilla front, with nowhere near enough rose or almond. I love actual loukhoum (the food), so I was really disappointed by this fragrance.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 11/24/2010
I reminds me a lot of Botrytis. I don''t really like it.
By   - from GR on 10/5/2010
Holy Mother of God, this is gorgeous. Unreal, I am not a fan of the original Loukhoum, but I could drink this.
By   - from NY on 3/6/2010
i have been wearing original loukhoum since it forst debuted on luckyscent this is the closest to my original and I adore it
By   -  writer from NYC on 10/18/2009
Agree totally with the reviewer below, this is a lovely comfort scent for bedtime. It''s almondy, sort of sweet, powdery with hints of vanilla & tonka, & just a whisper of rose which I would''ve liked more of. The sillage & longevity are good, it''s just not the kind of thing I''d wear for going out.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/12/2009
Really, really wonderful, sweet, mellow and almond-y. A little too powdery, but overall, so very pleasant and comforting. Nice to wear to go to sleep at night :)
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 8/27/2009
You know how when you where the original, you just about die waiting the full 2 hours it takes for the powder to stop shouting??!! Well, this is Loukhoum already dried down for you. No more, no less.
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 2/6/2009
I agree with the reviwer below. this is not as dark as I expected. Comparing directly to the original it is a little less powdery. Definitely better, but not what I was hoping for. Still, it is pretty.
By  on 12/17/2008
This is a definate Loukhoum scent. I was hoping this would be darker than the original. Saddly, I couldn''t detect the aoud or patchouli. The rose was very candied and hidden under all the powder. This reminds me of a slightly less powdery version of Loukhoum which was horrific on me. I guess this is a *wearable* version but still not for me!
By  on 12/16/2008
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