Purple Haze

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Mmmmmmm yummy!!!! I think this is what Beverly D'Angelos character in "Hair" would have smelled like a beautiful rich hippie! A I can't wait to have a full bottle of this fragrance.
By   - New Mexico hippie from Hobbs on 8/22/2019
Dry, spicy, warm, fresh. I definitely get a vintage vibe from this. Smells like something my coolest aunt would have worn in the 70s. The cannabis note here is very subtle, and of fresh, slightly piney bud, not skunky smoke, so don't let that scare you off. Mild sillage, but this is a real treat for anyone who gets close enough to pick up on it. There is a soft vanilla note that peeks out from behind, evident mostly at the end of an inhale. This one's going on my full-size wish list. It's unique and niche without being too avant-garde to be a very wearable fragrance.
By   - Artist  from Seattle on 5/14/2019
So this could be the number one for me from this group. This is gorgeous deep and definitely purple. Strong but sophisticated patchouli. This smells like my memories of Bergdorf Goodman in the 1960s. They used to pump a fragrance into the air which hit you right when you went through the revolving doors, it was so glorious. Reminds me of my elegant mother. Leans a little boy but in a sexy way. Rich, fancy hippie. In my mind Lou Reed and Andy Warhol smell like this
By   - Artist  from New York on 3/23/2019
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