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I can see how this would really work for some, but on me it was fairly forgettable. The initial scent was just grand. Spicy but not too heady or powerful. For me it just lost all its steam after about half hour.
By   - Writer from Chicago on 4/23/2019
Here. We. Go. I am a very picky man when it comes to the scent that I will be wearing for incoming clients as I firmly believe a scent can sell on it's own. It makes a human feel comfy and relaxed. I was a bit skeptical coming into the title of "Rainbow Bar" but hey you did the job. The first few scents I recieved are cotton candy, lemon, and fruity aftertone. It doesn't smell kiddish though as it quite prominent in the smell and scent. Job well done. I VERY MUCH prefer a spicy/woodsy smell but will be purchasing this Parfume.
By   - Chief Role from Mpls on 4/17/2019
Another one in the top three from this lovely company. This one smells like my memories of California in the best Bohdi Tree, Topanga Canyon , Ventura Beach in the 1980s way. Very resinous and deep, bit smells like a clear day to me. Sexy. Pretty but not girly
By   - Artist  from New York on 3/23/2019
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