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I've never tried oakmossy classics of yesteryear, but 70's in Paris must have been a wild period, if this was the flavour of the day/night. Definitely inky, damp, hard to describe if you've never been inducted before. The rest is picked and blended well and tells the story convincingly, but oakmoss is the star for me in this one. I may even prefer it to Maai. Masculine to the max, but would work well for le femme fatale, not sure about in betweens.
By   - Designer from Australia on 2/13/2019
Not sure how anyone can identify this as feminine? However this scent is wonderful. It has such an old school vibe blended with modern style. It’s one that I reach for And I have a large collection. Once you get your nose on this fragrance it’s a fragrance that sticks in your mind. Outside of cologne 352 this scent is one of three scents you must own from ex nihilo. (Midnight Rose) is another personal preference.
By   - Self employed  from Elysburg, Pa on 1/21/2019
In my opinion French Affair is feminine fragrance. It is labeled as unisex by Luckyscent but I cannot imagine a man wearing this. I washed it off because there was nothing about it that suggested a man could wear it. Sometimes fragrance houses market their products as unisex in order to generate more sales. I think this is unfair to the consumer when spending a lot of money on niche fragrances. Thank goodness I only purchased a sample.
By   - Investment Advisor from Minneapolis on 10/23/2018
Brilliant chypre. Oakmoss is blended perfectly. Great sillage. Compliments from men and women when wearing this fragrance. New signature
By   - Chemist from Denver on 8/22/2018
I could take a bath in this elegance. Precisely how I imagine a 30-year old Paris resident must have smelled in the 70's, clad in a classic YSL beige trench and black leather heels. It's a kiss on each cheek greeting at the cafe, a glass of champagne at the bar to loosen up, AND the earrings forgotten and left behind on the nightstand the next morning. While I just ordered the big bottle of Le Sillage Blanc by Dusita, which is very close to this. I think I'm going to spring for French Affair full-sized, too. I can seduce and not give a damn about anyone while wearing this.
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 2/22/2018
Bright, wet paint, someone passing by eating fresh fruit, something pungent, and a pile of dirty underwear.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 12/13/2017
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