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This is a fresh green scent yet I was hoping for it to last a bit longer on the skin. If it had a more spicy or dramatic hint to it, I would be purchasing. Still, a nice "freshly mowed lawn" scent.
By   - Sales from Minneapolis on 3/16/2020
If you think a fragrance cant be simultaneously dank while being dry as a bone, get your hands on this. It's the thing of dreams. An impossibly crisp, green opening awakens the senses, followed by the eventual enveloping of an ultra-dry woody come down. Perfection.
By   - Editor from Australia on 12/2/2019
It reminds me of how my grandpa smelled when he sweated and used Brut to cover up. I do NOT get any "weed" smell....at.....all. Just sweat and Brut. Maybe it's due to the sample and the way it goes on. I wanted to like this, I saw myself ordering a bottle, but this, to me, smelled nothing like what was described.
By   - Transcriptionist from Manheim on 7/13/2019
Agree with the last review this does NOT smell like pot. Pot smells cheap and headache inducing to me. This smells green fresh and lovely to me. Would be an amazing spring or summer fresh grassy (like the stuff that grows on your lawn, not pot) scent for someone who has a better sense of smell than I do. I need something with a bit more drama, like Tom Fords Verts
By   - Artist  from New York on 3/23/2019
I love it. It's very surprising considering the rather bold marketing. But regardless of the somewhat brash name and bottle (which I actually love), the juice is high quality. My favorite "green scent". I'm not unfamiliar with cannabis and it's definitely here. Straight up chronic
By   - Student from Sacramento on 3/15/2019
I hate marijuana. Especially hate its rotten, sour, gross smell. Here is what I think of it, without its pot connection. It is fresh, citrusy, with a subtle, gentle, barely perceptible balance and harmony between lemony notes and some green, herbal ones. Chronic brings a light breeze, around Easter in the NE United States. There is a smell of grass in the air, and there is a warm wind but there is nothing overpowering, it is all kind and delicate. The scent is neither male nor female but evoking both. It is a much better and more sophisticated scent than my powers of nose and prose can evoke. But please don't tell me anything about resembles pot. It doesn't
By   - Writer from Los Angeles on 3/2/2019
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