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Flavia Vanilla

Eau de Parfum

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This does not work with my body chemistry at all. I get nothing but a really stuffy, very "mature" floral note that's made worse by whatever is supposed to make this scent "smoky". It's like the smell you get off the coat of a woman in her 70's who's worn the same floral perfume for the last 40 years and smokes (but only outdoors).
By   - Chef from Langley on 11/6/2020
I was disappointed in this one, I'm not getting vanilla, sugar or ylang ylang as described, but a strong, and I mean STRONG floral note. It fades to a less powerful but still [to me] overwhelming scent. Florals are not my preference so this just doesn't work for me, the michelia flower is intense, if that's your jam, then this might be perfect for you. If you are looking for a gourmand dessert vanilla, this is not the ticket.
By   - Gourmand Vanilla Addict from San Diego on 7/29/2020
Absolutely beautiful. I'm not a fan of vanilla after enduring cheap versions in houses, but this one has a cookie-crumble-by-the-fireplace feel, with a hint of lemon behind... Truly gorgeous for Christmas.
By   - Professor from Bloomington, Indiana on 12/11/2018
Let me just say up front that the fourth star is for anyone seeking a transition out of the more straightforward realms of vanilla; the scent’s really nicely constructed, and in general I like Parle Moi's fewer-notes-better-integrated approach. That said, michelia tends to read as a toasted-coconut note on me, which -- combined with vanilla and sugar and ylang ylang's usual creaminess -- works out to coconut cream pie in the top notes and well into the heart. Drydown's smoky-sweet, emphasis on sweet.
By   - editor from Seattle on 5/30/2017
Boy, it's hard to find a good vanilla. The green notes referenced in the above are very top and very fleeting, then this moves quickly into peach-vanilla-shampoo. The smoke is very faint, and just sort of fades into the overall sweetness. It doesn't get ugly, I'll give it that, but the combined michelia and sugar end up in a place that's overly sweet for me.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 5/24/2017
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