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Probably the best "white" perfume on me and for my personal tastes. This scent is creamy, sexy and scrumptious (but in a "I want to stand closer to you" sort of way, not "you smell like cookies" sort of way). I absolutely love the scent of white flowers and lilac is one of my absolute favorite real world flower scents, but usually scents that feature them are just too much for me and are often headache inducing. This frag has none of that. It's light and airy but still has wonderful longevity. The day after my sample was used up I could still smell the scent on my sweater and I paid far more attention to my sweater than the new scent I had tried out on my wrists! I will have to pick up a full bottle of this one day soon.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 1/18/2020
Subtle, but long lasting. I sprayed this on last night and it's still on after my shower this morning. I don't get a lot of dew or aquatics here, on me this scent is very warm and comforting. This would be a gorgeous signature or wedding day scent, I'd definitely pick up a bottle when I run out of something else.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 1/15/2020
Nice scent but save your money - this is exactly the White Linen from Estee Lauder. Perhaps a little less "oily", but then it also lasts a lot less. Any trace of scent was gone within 2 hours.
By   - Writer from Denver on 9/2/2018
A thin, pretty lilac dissolving into a soapy clean-skin effect. The hawthorne was extremely muted on my skin, but this is not a scent that means to grab your attention or surprise you with oddity in any case. Would work on either sex in a situation where the fragrance needs to convey an understated competence.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/3/2017
I ordered 7 samples, this was the only one I liked. Very soft & feminine, flowery but it needs something. The scent is definitely "white". White flower. I think if it had some white musk it would be better. As lovely as it is, the price is too steep. To spend that kind of money, it would have to blow my mind. And it doesn't.
By   - Healthcare from CHICAGO, IL on 5/20/2017
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