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Orris Tattoo

Eau de Parfum

Orris Tattoo Sizes Available:
50ml $145
100ml $235
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Orris Tattoo...
This came as a gift with purchase, it literally arrived minutes ago and I’m already in love with it. Doughy indeed and I totally get that inky tattoo reference. Very unisex. Looks like I’ve got another bottle on the way.
By   - Artist from Singapore on 9/23/2019
I have been developing a love of iris and orris dominant fragrances and thought I'd give this a try. Initially it felt like an orris powerhouse, rooty & doughy, but now it is beginning to assert itself to the top of my favorite iris perfumes. On me it is a beautiful skin scent (tattoo, indeed), and while orris dominant, also floral, airy and delicate. In other words it evolves from the strong earthy, creamy orris into something more nuanced. I don't really pick up the carrot note, though I think the sandalwood contributes to the skin scent aspect. There is something very fine about the floral (sky) aspect that prevents it from feeling too earthy. On my wish list it goes.
By   - artist from PNW on 8/23/2018
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