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Guimauve de Noel

Eau de Parfum

50ml $145
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Here's what other people are saying about Guimauve de Noel...
I must be broke. After the initial burst of sweet orange flower, all I'm getting is mild Pepto Bismol.
By   - perfume addict from Mastic on 2/26/2021
So I recently purchased a full bottle of this. It's got so many of my very favorite things so I felt compelled to do so. It is definitely sweet but not overly so (no headaches) from the vanilla and the orange blossom is fresh and not too powdery on me. It's fairly simple but really beautiful. And I love the name too. Basically, there's nothing to dislike about this one!
By   - Historian from London on 8/25/2020
I never expected to love Guimauve de Nöel. On a whim, I included it with an order of cool weather fragrance samples. It is a total departure from my long time winter scents... Chergui and Musc Ravageur. The instant I applied GdN, I felt happy. I ordered a full bottle that day. It begins with a burst of neroli and is joined quickly by warm, not too sweet vanilla. It is so simple, but creates a vivid feeling of cheerful coziness. It all feels very natural and lasts about 6 hhours on skin... much longer on clothing and sheets. Guimauve de Nöel is a welcomed addition to my winter roster of much more complicated fragrances. Since it is not too sweet or foody , I think it will be lovely for warmer weather as well.
By   - Lady of leisure  from Waverly on 11/2/2018
I have hated most of the orange blossom gourmand fragrances that I have tried, as much as I like the idea of them. They tend to have an unfortunate Creamsicle note. This one does not. If you can imagine a really good lightly sweet orange blossom meringue, that is more or less what you have here. Needless to say, if that whole idea makes you run screaming from the room, this is not your scent. It is very light and ephemeral on me, which is good because it makes a nice warm weather work scent that my coworkers like a lot. It comes and goes, seeming to be completely gone for several minutes and then giving a puff of delightful fragrance. Definitely headed toward a full bottle of this one.
By   - Doctor from Albuquerque on 7/10/2017
As good as Love By Kilian, at half the price. Smells like marshmallow and vanilla meringue in equal measure — sweet and gourmand but sophisticated as well. In short: irresistible.
By   - Journaist from Manila on 6/26/2017
Pretty and super-sweet -- do you doubt it from those notes, let alone the name (“Christmas marshmallow”)? This is a fragrance about an ideal of happiness -- sparkling sugared sweets with no headaches from overindulging; family togetherness without family drama; tidy happy children rather than the screaming, sticky, over-tired wrecks one has around the house by about 8pm on December 25. I am, in other words, suggesting that one keeps this on hand for the holidays and, when reality gets to be too much, spritz it on and be inside *this* reality instead for a while. It’s delightful in there.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/3/2017
I am loving this tremendously. It is on the sweet end of what I would normally wear, but it is true that it is "frothy" and not a heavy sweetness at all. I could happily wear this for most any occasion.
By   - writer from Oak Park on 5/30/2017
What this has to do with the Christmas Holiday or the Winter Season is beyond my comprehension. Besides, didn't Guerlain already cover marshmallow territory? *ZERO Stars*
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 5/13/2017
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