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The initial smell is a very strong smell of lavender—that can honestly be very headache inducing (smells like old lady). HOWEVER, when it finally dries down it smells so good, sweet musk and calone.
By   - N/A from N/A on 9/9/2021
Starts off strong, real pure lavender, which I agree with another person kind of smells like windex a bit, but give about a couple minutes and calone-musk with lavender in the back. I don’t specifically smell melon (I’m eating one as we speak) but there is a musky air-yness about it. It might only smell strong at first to me because I only have the small .7ml sample, but I’m going to buy a bigger size and review that later.
By   - N/A from N/A on 8/24/2021
Smells good, very clean, aquatic with soft fruit; lasts a good while. 50% Windex and 50% agua de melón from a local paleteria.
By   - Civil Engineer Estimator  from West Texas on 7/19/2021
This is a really lovely scent, however considering the name and the first listed note I was expecting something a lot more fresh and herbaceous. Unfortunately the lavender note is lost on me, I get pure melon all the way through. A very delicious melon to be sure but this was sweeter and a lot fruitier than I expected. I agree with the other reviewer that I don't see this being a men's fragrance. But if you love warm summer fruits but are looking for something beyond the more common-to-perfumery berries then give this one a try because it is sumptuous.
By   - Chef from Surrey on 1/31/2021
Terrific perfume but even though I enjoy wearing several unisex and mens fragrances with lavender and melon, this one comes across as totally feminine to me.
By   - Entertainment Consultant from Los Angeles on 9/4/2020
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