Beau de Jour

Eau de Parfum

by TOM FORD Private Blend

Beau de Jour Sizes Available:
100ml $320
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Beau de Jour...
Loved this one out of the sample container. It needed a little time to mellow, but when it did, it was amazing. Turned into a very subtle scent with a leathery floral note. I was ready to buy this one until I added it to an atomizer and applied it. When applied this way the scent was way to strong for me. It's almost as if the lavender scent got stronger and more astringent. I would still tell someone to give it a try, just not from an atomizer.
By   - Environmental Scientist from Hendrson on 5/2/2019
not all that smells, even in a bottle is perfume. but this one is a perfume. bright lavender green trees? then mossy musky drydown lasts about 4 hrs. good performace in sillage and brightness. average to low in the drydown performace as it loses character and sillage in the second half. overall you will have to try a sample to see.
By   - rich from mercury on 2/4/2019
The last few years, Private Blend has been...blah! After being sprayed with that Cherry scent & running to the restroom to try & get the stench of fruitcake soaked in cherry juice & covered in cherry-almond glaze off my skin, I started thinking that the Private Blend line was dead. After buying a new shirt, I thought of all the amazing scents Ford cut. When Italian Cypress & Azure Lime was next I got 1.7oz of each & an 8.5oz of "Italian Cypress", the last of the original greats. Recently Oud Minerale was the only real stand out. Face it, "F* Fabulou$" wa$ a f* me$$. Tom is back with Beau de Jour Lavender,rosemary,mint & basil are blended w/amber, patchouli PERFECTLY! I want my sheets to smell like this! Get a sample or bottle now!
By   - Journalist from Austin on 1/1/2019
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