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Soleil Blanc

Eau de Parfum

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As many others have mentioned.... smells like expensive sunscreen. Definitely leans feminine. I am not a macho guy, love florals and powders and sweet ambers. But I still felt somewhat self conscious in this.
By   - options trader from Phoenix on 7/26/2021
The top notes are not so much floral-tinged beachiness as white-flower blitzkrieg with a bit of salt around the edges. I really liked the round, creamy coconut (also salt-edged) when it managed to make its way through the DMZ, and that amber is everything one might have hoped, but the opening was very much not for me. A soft 4.
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/6/2019
Mysterious? No. It's a simple one, pretty and beachy, but linear and seems more appropriate for a younger woman ( I envision a Kate Upton-type wearing it). Summer niche for sure. The first time I wore it I used the regular amount but it had no silage and disappeared quickly. The next time I went for it to see if it would deliver but all it did was offend my friend until dry down and then again it all but disappeared. If you want to be reminded of lying in the sand or cruising down the boardwalk, this one's for you.
By   - Sales from SoCal on 7/15/2016
Oy! Phew! (The bottle is pretty.) This becomes a version of Acqua di Sale, which I like very much, that has gone ALL WRONG. It starts great but devolves into an irritating ozone with a stanky fish/seaweed base. This should not be in the private collection.
By   - Vagabond from The News on 5/6/2016
Divine! It IS pure beach. You know when you first get to the beach and you crack open the Coppertone? That first scent that makes you almost giggle with pleasure in anticipation of the beautiful day? It's like that only purely sophisticated. I don't recognize this as coconut OR amber which I usually find cloying and decomp-y. It's like a beautiful goddess, bronzed to perfection after a lazy day at the beach, hair artfully tangled on top of her head, this is the scent at the nape of her neck.
By   - Jeweler from San Francisco on 4/20/2016
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