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Eau de Parfum

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It is appropriately named for sure. I get the Tonka Bean and rich oriental leather for about 6-7 hrs. of projection and smell it on my skin another 6-7 hrs. This Fucking Fabulous is worth every penny paid, I think however Tom you're doing the people in America a big injustice by not offering us the 100 ml bottle that every one has in London for a great price. I know you live in London now, but c'mon Tom. And due to postal regulations it can't be shipped to America, another crock. Going to see Elton John on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour in October, I've decided it will be a black suit, F Fabulous and I hope seeing how I'm near the stage hope I can give Elton a going away gift of this because he is Fucking Fabulous!!! Black Orchid!
By   - Rating Tom Ford's Fucking Fabulous from USA on 7/5/2018
Why can we not get 100 ml. bottle here in the states? In U.K. the 100 ml. bottle is everywhere for basically 40 dollars more than the same Tom Ford frag in a 50 ml. Yeah, 230 USD for 50 ml in the U.S. 270 for bottles of 100 ml. in the U.K. Or you can buy the decanter in the U.S. for 595 t0 825 and the same decanter in the UK is 425. What up with that Tom Ford???? Google search the frags in UK and you'll see we're getting soaked her in the states on prices by not having many choices in 100 ml. bottles.
By   - n/a from Atlanta on 5/10/2018
well well now.. it's very gentle and soft and cozy on me................... i used to wear his Santal Blush and adored that... yes i can smell a very elegant vanilla... which i love... this one will suprise you... so try it!
By   - talent agent from st pete fl on 2/13/2018
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