TOM FORD Private Blend

Eau de Soleil Blanc

Eau de Toilette

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Here's what other people are saying about Eau de Soleil Blanc...
Please take everything I said in my last review and apply it to Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. I could not believe how well it performed and when I looked I realized I had the eau de parfum. Also the affordability part, you can disregard. My bad and thank you.
By   - Wrist Sniffer from New York on 9/5/2020
Eau de Soleil Blanc is beautiful. This fragrance lasts for hours and its an eau de toilette!!! This is a yes in terms of full bottle worthiness and lets be honest for a Tom Ford fragrance its relatively affordable. Get it.
By   - Wrist Sniffer from New York on 8/22/2020
This is my first niche fragrance purchase and i couldn’t be more happier and satisfied. I tried the sample of this first and later decided that it is worth the purchase of a full bottle... knowing that ill never get bored of how lovely it smells.. It opens on a fresh citrus scent.. but once it dries down, it seems to envelope your skin with the coconut creaminess but still with the slight hint of citrus.
By   - Payroll Accountant from Texas on 4/9/2020
Can you tell something is good when both full sizes AND the samples are all sold out at once? Yesssss. This is terrific.
By   - writerq from Chicago on 5/15/2018
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