TOM FORD Private Blend

Rose Prick

Eau de Parfum

50ml $368
0.7ml sample $8
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Here's what other people are saying about Rose Prick...
You have to be a fan of powdery rose to love this scent. I am and I ADORE the fragrance. There are those who will say that it smells like 'old lady' but I find the scent to be a powdery yet spicy rose. There is a hint of greenery in the opening that fades to soft spicy goodness. I will be reaching for this one often. Absolutely gorgeous.
By   - Librarian from New Orleans on 3/2/2020
Absolutely beautiful...I was afraid it would be overpowering but to my surprise it is beautiful. Soft. Feminine. Will be amazing in the spring/summer months...
By   - BSC IV from Denver, NC on 2/15/2020
A new lovely take on Rose. Floral and fresh and Green!
By   - sales from Atlanta on 2/14/2020
At 1st sniff of Tom Ford's Rose Prick, has done it again, another hit! However this is not for the timid nor is this for someone who loves Chloe or anything remotely like Chloe! This is a very green earthy rose that have notes of patchouli, and a very adult rose, something alluring. The top almost bites with something sharp and green like vetiver, but then comes in the rose blooming in your face after you get past the almost blasting rose the patchouli comes to ground and hold it all together. I have a feeling this is great on man's skin if he's looking past the perfect pink bottle. For a woman she should dare to not be mainstream rose!
By   - Fragrance expert from Arlington on 2/12/2020
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