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Lost Cherry

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Here's what other people are saying about Lost Cherry...
This skates nicely on the line of being sweet and gourmand without getting too cloying or candy. A few hours later I can put my nose to my skin and still pick up a whiff of cherry, but it's gentle. Definitely try this if you've been looking for your holy grail cherry fragrance, it is nicely grown up without being difficult to wear.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/20/2020
Never have I met a perfume I cared to translate to words. There are plenty I like, but my base criteria are simple: not headache-inducing, doesn't smell like a casino/unsanitized tanning bed circa 2003. But when Lost Cherry hit my wrist, I thought, "This is drinking French Connections by the fire at a swiss chalet with Pierce Brosnan, who is wearing Hef's jacket, smoking a pipe, and feeding me perfectly firm, pitless cherries that were genetically engineered to evoke Sophia Loren, circa 1962." More directly: Jergen's original cherry almond is one of my favorite scents ever. Lost Cherry is as if it grew up to be a bikini model Michelin chef with a Ph.D., M.D., and J.D. (from three different ivies). Basically, it's sexy but not explicit.
By   - writer from California, USA on 11/14/2020
I was looking for TF’s Fabulous when I saw this almost evil little red bottle sitting on the fragrance counter. Like many other reviewers, I am NOT a gourmand lover but I was absolutely intrigued by the bottle. So I sniffed. It smelled like sex and tobacco with an irresistible top note of the kind of cherry you date but never bring home to mother. Almost repulsive but perplexingly addictive. It doesn’t last as long as I’d like, but then if you’re getting into bed with this kind of one night stand it’s not surprising. Dries down to a mellow tobacco, not necessarily vanilla, but pleasant still. I bought a bottle and I’m happy to reapply all day, the one night stand is now a permanent obsession.
By   - Climate Scientist from Athens on 6/10/2019
A rich man, wearing a TF suit, probably in illicit business, is taking a beautiful good girl home in his new GranCabrio with rich black leather interior. They have a long kiss, He can taste the TF cherry lip gloss and the Coca-Cola vanilla ice-cream float she ate on her tongue...and she can taste the boozy whiskey and the sweet smokey tobacco from the cigar he had. After having so many women, he is going to fall in love for the first time..and she will never be the same again. That is what this smells like to me. Didn't expect to like this because other cherry fragrances tend to smell very synthetic, cheap or teenager-ish but this smells expensive and sophisticated.
By   - Civil Engineering Estimator from Odessa Tx on 5/22/2019
The first thing one notices is how emphatically NOT sugar-sweet, syrupy or candy-like the cherry quality is, and I love that. Sleek, intelligent aldehydes up top always tame the sweetness with a translucent sheen. The cherry is always there, but it is refined and subtle, kissed lightly with the almond quality. Gradually, delicate notes of tonka (and what I perceive to be sandalwood) gradually rise up to cradle the cherry quality. The suave drydown is not intense or sweet, either. This is some seriously gorgeous stuff, for urbane adults, and wonderfully sophisticated at every turn. Just begging for a little black dress to be worn with it. Full marks. I must have a flacon.
By   - digital artist from boerne texas usa on 5/8/2019
There is something so compelling about this perfume. I do agree that the initial cherry is VERY, almost pharmaceutical grade. It's fun to smell and decipher but I wouldn't wear THAT all day. But give it about 10 min and it's incredible. There's something unique in Tom Ford fragrances (most of them) in that they seem perfectly, roundly complete. No edges, a complete sphere of blended notes that come together so much greater than their parts. Lost Cherry falls in that category. I never want to smell like food, definitely not fruit but I keep coming back to this compulsively. Everyone should experience this at least once.
By   - Jeweler from Sacramento on 3/28/2019
I don't wear gourmand fragrances - ever. But there is something about this one that has me smelling my wrist all day long. It opens up very sweet, very cherry - and I even like that, which is surprising. The description of the fragrance reads like something I would not like at all, yet I thoroughly enjoy wearing this scent. On me, the dry down is long lasting. Perplexed but happy owner of a full bottle.
By   - Instructional Design from Chicago on 3/13/2019
I was REALLY looking forward to this one (Tobacco Vanille is one of my all time favourites) and am SOOO disappointed! The cough syrup like cherry opening actually made me nauseous! That soon disappeared and a muddle of sandlewood, vanilla (only a very small amount) and Turkish rose appeared but soon disappeared and within about 3 hours (thank god!) it was gone.
By   - Nanny  from Chicago on 3/4/2019
I absolutely love this scent! The candied cherry scent at the top, followed quickly by the sweet tobacco is just amazing! The only reason I gave it 4 star is because it has almost ZERO staying power. After I spritz it on, it's gone within an hour. Super disappointing because I would definitely buy a full bottle if not for that.
By   - paramedic from Chicago on 1/29/2019
Wow! This is something else. I haven't really seen cherry explored that much in the realm of olfactory products. Aside from candy's and sweets and maybe some incense. But this is Tom ford and there is no mistaking the sophistication of this cherry. It's huge, mouthwatering, juicy, almost pungent! the front end is an entire planet of cherry's. The base is a beautiful amber and woody structure that supports the whole composition. This is not a one note tune but a ballad of red and things that are more red. Also perfectly unisex, it really does work both ways. I have often enjoyed Tom Fords perfumes, but none of them seemed to really capture what I would of think as "modern". This is beyond modern, this is futuristic. Thanks Tom
By   - Student from Sacramento on 11/7/2018
I tried this Tom Ford scent in his Madison Avenue store and I was blown away. At first it smells like candies cherry almost a hint of Marzipan, then it gets warm on the skin. About ten minutes later it dried down to a musky with a hint of tobacco and something woodsy, I like how the whole fragrance experience really changes and smells super good all the way through !!! Def on my holiday must have lists !!
By   - Women’s fashion  from NJ on 10/11/2018
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