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Tuscan Leather

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Tuscan Leather...
The perfect leather fragrance for both men and women. It slightly reminds me of Rodeo By Byredo, but it does not have as much of that "saddle" type scent, but it is slightly there.
By   - Project Manager from Los Angeles on 2/8/2019
For me, Tuscan Leather perhaps resembles what someone might WANT leather to smell like rather than a true leather aroma. It is as at least as much about the peripherals as it is about leather, especially the frankincense, saffron and thyme, which give it a pronounced smoky-savory quality that strikes me as genteel and manly. I don't get any noticeable raspberry or jasmine from this, and the leather is skank-free, warm, waxy and malleable, almost chewy. There is nothing off-putting about this scent--it's pleasant, suave and well-mannered. But anyone looking for a "bring it" leather perfume experience, this is not that.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 1/5/2019
This is definitely a big boy fragrance. I can definitely see this as a love/hate type of scent. I personally really like it, even though I can't find too many occasions of which to wear it. I believe it is better than Knize and some of the other leather based scents out there, although I haven't sampled too many of those. It is definitely pretty ashy, but the jasmine does peek out and calms it down for me.
By   - Recreation from Cincinnati on 9/7/2016
Tuscan Leather is an acquired taste. Knize Ten and Puredistance M are much better leathers. TL is a great fragrance, but I personally cannot get past the cigarette note. Please use caution and get a sample before you buy. This is not for everyone.
By   - from Savannah, GA on 11/2/2014
TUSCAN LEATHER is what it says on the tin: it is an unapologetic, burly, toothy, aromatic, tanned leather, with fascinating and delicate supporting notes. It is smoky and masculine, never sweet, and no doubt kissed with Russian birchtar and that classic smell of Isobutyl Quinoline, that pleasantly acrid/smoky/woody note found in great leathers of yore, such as ARAMIS, AZUREE, CHAZ, CABOCHARD, MISS BALMAIN and BANDIT. This is the fragrance that you wear when you want that undisguised, rough, fairly butch, tanned cowhide smell... unprettified by flowers, fruit, ambers or vanillas. Maybe too burly/rough to be worn with a tuxedo, but absolutely dreamy worn with an actual leather jacket or trenchcoat, and, because of its smoldering quality, ideal for the autumn and winter months. Pssst: rumor has it that the opening notes of TUSCAN LEATHER are remarkably like the smell of a certain South American marching dust. I'm not really getting that... I will leave it to Molinard HABANITA to deliver *that* risque' note, full-force. TUSCAN LEATHER is a sturdy, go-to, straight-ahead standard for those wishing to smell like a diamond-in-the-rough cowboy, lumberjack, Marlon Brando-type biker or dominatrix.
By   - digital artist from boerne, TX, USA on 7/9/2014
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