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Noir de Noir

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Noir de Noir...
At first, this was heavy in the best way. Lovely rose, expensive powder and hint of vanilla. After a while, however, it went all powder (this happens to me a lot) and reminds me of my grandmother. I totally get the 'vintage vibe' comment below. It's not bad, but just not for me.
By   - HR from Denver on 8/2/2019
On me, this is a complex and ever changing scent. Upon first application, it has a rich leather with coffee hint, which eventually mellows to a woody patchouli and then, after a few hours, transforms to a warm cedar and saffron. This is the olfactory equivalent of a warm snuggle on a cool fall day. I love it!
By   - Hedonist from Austin on 10/5/2018
On me, less the goth extravaganza described in the notes than an agreeably mossy wood and rose, given some nice structure by saffron and its transition to oud. The camphor lifts and chills the composition a bit and keeps the truffle note in bounds. Extremely wearable.
By   - editor from Seattle on 9/19/2018
This is a rose so scarlet that it's black in the furls of its petals,. The most gorgeous part, though, is that the rose lays on a bed of deep, dark, thick silk velvet. I've been wearing it for days, and I can't get away from it. I have a long love affair with the dark, spicy, woody side of perfume, and I love this scent. It's beautiful, it's deeply sexy, and it's addicting.
By   - Human from Chicago on 2/11/2017
This has a real vintage vibe to it. I didn't care for this at all, I prefer something more fresh and modern. If you are into old school fragrances, then you will surely like this.
By   - Commodities broker from Austin on 1/8/2017
An superb rose fragrance that is just dark and mysterious enough to work beautiful on a man. It's the type of rose scent that accuately captures the essence of what makes roses so captivating. Definitely full bottle worthy!
By   - Engineer from Boston on 11/29/2015
Every time I come near a rose, I am compelled to bow down and take in its fragrance. Some roses emit such hypnotizing aromas that I can barely pull myself away from them. Other roses languish and, sadly, offer nothing. Tom Ford Noir de Noir is the type of rose fragrance in which I can loose myself for hours. The rose is the star, but the patchouli, vanilla and oud contribute effortlessly to the success of this beauty. Also, it's not too feminine at all for me, unlike some other rose scents.
By   - Writer  from California on 11/24/2015
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