TOM FORD Private Blend

Fleur de Portofino

Eau de Parfum

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I kind of giggled to myself when I read the first review, because this perfume reminds me exactly of the cheap perfume balms my auntie used to buy me at those Waikiki hotel gift shops when I was a kid. I distinctly remember the pikake (it’s a type of jasmine from India but also grows in Hawaii) perfume and gardenia perfume that I had as a 10 year old, and this perfume fits right between those two. I’m not a big floral fan unless it is fresh and has the stringent green notes, so white florals are hard for me to love. I was hoping some of the other notes might cut through the white floral scent, but the floral note dominates. So if you love White florals, this is something you might want to try.
By   - Self employed from Los Angeles on 6/22/2019
This is not a trip to some hum drum sect of Hawaii which is filled with tourist. This is a black tie event held on your private beach in some majestic place. Sophistication is the name of this one, Tom ford does not disappoint.
By   - paper pusher from sacramento on 5/20/2018
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