TOM FORD Private Blend

Patchouli Absolu

Eau de Parfum

Patchouli Absolu Sizes Available:
50ml $220
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Patchouli Absolu...
Beautiful scent!!!!! I wish I could afford. Best Tom Ford fragrance also Tobaco Vanilla.
By   - Cosmetology  from Pensacola on 6/14/2019
I really wanted to love this. I have been wearing L'Artisan Patchouli Patch for over ten years and wanted to try something along those lines. For having Patchouli in the name, I didn't get that at all. It smelled great on my husband, but I don't know if you are wanting a heavy patchouli scent that this is for you. Otherwise it's a manly, sexy scent.
By   - Documentation from Effingham IL on 9/1/2018
Never, never, never stop selling this fragrance! If you're a patch lover like me, you'll love it. If you're not, you'll probably still love it. Sexy as HELL. Yep, it's that good. You should try a sample, your significant other WILL thank you, even if you don't.
By   - I could tell you but I'd have to kill you from San Francisco on 8/30/2017
I tried a sample and initially it was so smokey I almost washed it off. For several hours all I could smell was pine smoke. Sitting around the campfire in the woods with the wind blowing in your face pine smoke. It was several hours before it mellowed into something softer and cleaner with hints of leather, pipe tobacco and patchouli. If I could just skip to the end. (Sigh)
By   - Self employed from Columbus on 2/17/2015
I sampled this frag 2 weeks ago at Sacks Fifth Ave. I had already sampled several other scents and when I applied it I think I was on over load. All I could smell was the Patchouli. Nothing special, Just Patch. I was NOT impressed. I tried it again one week later and I was able to experience the complexity and the lovely, mid-note warmth. It is very nice. I don';t think it will convert people who dislike Patchouli scents but for Patch lovers it will be one to add to your fragrance wardrobe. I am wearing it now and the middle notes are the best part of this fragrance.
By   - Recruitment Specialist from Boston on 9/29/2014
this is a very beautiful scent smooth but not loud soft and cozy..sample lasted all day now i am on my way to ordering a bottle..i would recommend this highly...
By   - overnite dockmen from newark, nj on 9/29/2014
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