TOM FORD Private Blend

Tobacco Oud

Eau de Parfum

Tobacco Oud Sizes Available:
50ml $200
100ml $300
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Tobacco Oud...
Really impressive scent. Simultaneously sweet and leathery. A perfect balance of gummy candy and motorcycle grease. Long lasting, doesn't develop too much over the course of wear (which I appreciate because I love the base scent). Worth the price - I can't find anything that comes close to this without being a simple and cheap imitation.
By   - Dev from Seattle on 5/2/2017
Of all, this is my favorite; it is very smoky and masculine (should be all the way over to the right on the indicator). There are many negative reviews on the internet on this for reasons I cannot comprehend, but do not trust them: my nose does not lie.
By  on 5/10/2015
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