TOM FORD Private Blend

Lavender Extreme

Eau de Parfum

Lavender Extreme Sizes Available:
50ml $350
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Lavender Extreme...
I LOVE the smell of fresh lavender. It grows well in my area of the country where I live. I was hoping to find a lavender scent that had that sort of metallic undertone that the fresh lavender in my area has. Unfortunately TF Lavender Extreme is a elegant, beautiful almost gourmand lavender. It opens with fresh lavender but then goes sweet lavender. I adore it, so beautiful! But I wouldn't buy a bottle because its too expensive. Beautiful scent though, but not the herbal, metallic lavender I was looking for.
By   - Accountant from Clinton on 9/27/2019
This fragrance begins with a smack in the face with a bouquet of the freshest lavender. It is powerful and screams I AM LAVENDER!!! If you are as much of a fan of lavender as I am, your eyes will roll into the back of your head and you will quiver in delight for a moment or two. But if you find pure lavender off-putting, fear not and just wait a second or two. I promise that initial lavender punch in the schnozz will give way to something mildly gourmand. I do not see it in the notes, but I would otherwise swear that I smell coconut with something spicy behind it. It is simply gorgeous. I am reminded of a coconut macaroon. It is not super foody but it is warm and comforting and I highly recommend giving it a try.
By   - Librarian from New Orleans on 9/15/2019
A luxury scent, not overpowering. Mildly sweet and creamy with a little spice. Rated as more masculine here on Luckyscent but I think it is perfect for a woman as a unisex scent.
By   - Director from Portland on 4/26/2019
This perfume is beautiful. It opens with a burst of lavender that smells like a really good essential oil, but it fades pretty quick (5-10 min) & hides in the background. The lavender sticks around a little longer if you spray it on your clothes. On the skin it turns creamy, powdery & sweet...luscious; almost a little gourmand.
By   - Service from Texas on 4/22/2019
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