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Remember Me

Eau de Parfum

Remember Me Sizes Available:
100ml $180
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Remember Me...
This smells nothing like Tom Ford Tuscan Leather or By Kilian Back to Black; nor a mix of the two. This scent is fairly unique with a sharp opening of rhubarb. The dry down veers towards woodsy fern notes reminiscent of a classic, clean barbershop vibe. Projection and performance is very above average. You will definitely get asked, “What are you wearing?” - JPR
By   - Architect from Phoenix on 9/7/2020
This is a warm and sweet scent that is very relaxing and comforting to wear. It's less spicy than I was expecting, and at first, I thought it might be a tad too sweet. It's not simple vanilla or powdery amber. It has a unique and subtle quality that must be the tea, but it doesn't directly smell of tea to me. It lasts for 6-8 hours. I found myself drawn to it over the last few days. It seems perfect for these early days of fall and cooling weather.
By   - Student from Nashville on 10/19/2019
I saw a you tube review and blind bought it direct from company. I love it! This is a warm cozy scent of cardamom, milk, and it reminds me of chai tea. I wear this in the evening and love to wear it to bed. Everyone loves this scent on me and asks what I am wearing. I highly recommend this perfume!
By   - Writer from Bullhead City on 2/17/2019
GORGEOUS.....this is type of gourmand that keeps me fascinated with perfume. The chai tea note is perfection; how did Ms. Zarokian create that scalded milk note? The sillage is just right with light application....I want people to smell it when they are in my personal zone, and this is just the right projection for any occasion. I don't really get much leather, but it's there, keeping things from getting too sweet and "foody". This is GOOD STUFF! I'll be sampling lots more from Jovoy...
By   - Mom, Wife, Pharmacist, Perfume Geek from Grayson, GA on 1/14/2019
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