Eau de Parfum

by Jovoy Paris

Psychedelique Sizes Available:
100ml $180
0.7ml sample $4
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Nice patchouli but very faint on me, I can hardly smell it.
By   - Retired. from Cape Cod on 2/14/2016
Jovoy makes some seriously potent juice. This is presently my favorite house. So far I''ve fallen madly in love with, four of their fragrances...Psychedelique, Les Jeux sont Faits, Private Label, and Ambre that order. While these notes have become very commonly slapped together countless times.Psychedelique is creates a fragrance barrier, an aura that radiates for hours on end, perfect for a long evening. The quality is second to none. I''ve had several people ask me what I was wearing especially during the first 4-5 hours. After that you have to get in closer, but still doesn''t fail to impress. Psychedelique combines with ones skin chemistry immaculately after the opening becoming extremely gender free. A Very well done rendition.
By   - RoughNeck from Chicago on 8/2/2014
Psychedelique starts out on the sharp, dry end of the patchouli spectrum -- not at all unpleasant, and rather similar to L''Artisan''s Patchouli Patch. But an hour later, the sharp notes have dropped back into place and the fragrance becomes warmer, more rounded and much more nuanced. There''s a really nice play between the drier and warmer elements of the fragrance. I totally agree that the name Psychedelique, and its connotations with dirty hippies and cheap patchouli, is rather unfortunate, because this is a sophisticated, very wearable patchouli-based scent.
By   - Professional from Midwestern college town on 9/24/2013
It''s funny, this one - I have almost a lovehate with it. If you''re patient and can wait for the drydown 30-60 minutes later, you''ll be thrilled. The LS description is as good one, but it takes awhile to get intoxicating. Initial blast is super sharp, but with time, your skin is left with a beautiful woodsy, ambered patchouli. My patience is good though and I bought a FB. Also worth trying are the Ambre Premier (beautifully done amber but nothing as unusual as P) and L''Enfant (which is very similar to Feminite du Bois).
By  on 8/5/2013
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