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Lune Feline

Eau de Parfum

100ml $275
0.7ml sample $6
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I've been looking for a warm, woody, cozy fragrance. This delivers. At first, I could smell the cinnamon, but it faded down pretty quickly. The balsam and cedar stayed a bit more forward. The ambergris and vanilla cuddled up together and got sexy. As it dried, I got a bit of Diptyque's Eau Duelle, but this has a caramel edge, and the woods hold up a bit more (although I haven't tested that one in a while). Four hours in, and it faded quite a bit, with notes of cedar, a touch of vanilla/caramel, and the balsam. Overall, it's a win. As someone who loves gourmands and how vanilla can play around and soften stronger notes like cedar or woods, this is a perfect treat.
By   - Over-thinker from Greensboro on 5/21/2020
I had to wait for this wonderful perfume due to a back-order status. Ah, but so worth the wait! There is the introductory spicy cardamon, pepper, cinnamon and, dare I inject, a subtle allspice accord. Soon afterwards the lovely middle notes arrive and keep me on point, waiting for what will surface next. It's complex and beautiful, it truly fills the senses. If you enjoy exotic woods, patchouli, amber or other spicy heady fragrances then, by all means, please try this. Very long lasting and not much is needed as per a single day's application. Perfect for late fall and winter but, it might be too heavy for spring and summer on some. Personally, I will elect to wear this beauty all year round. It's just that good.
By   - Faux Artist from Knoxville on 11/27/2018
I agree with the previous reviewer's assessment--warm, resinous, and spicy--but the vanilla gives some sweetness and the green notes give a little sharpness. Amazingly long lasting; even at the end of a very long day I could still catch a faint scent on my skin. Low sillage, though; it isn't overpowering. And yes, this is a dangerous sample pack given the price of a full bottle.
By   - Perfume lover from Redlands on 10/13/2016
Wow I am really questioning my sanity getting this sample pack because these are so beautiful, and in those amazing bottles and now I am going to have to have some. Especially this one, which is resinous warm and spicy, familiar yet different. It lasts and last so I guess it will be worth it for the full bottle.
By   - Artist from Englewood Cliffs on 10/6/2016
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