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This is my favorite fragrance from the Widian Black sample set. It is simply divine, a stunning balance of woods and spices with the perfect vanilla. This one is swoon worthy in my opinion, and it's totally unisex. I has a richness and depth that I have not found in other fragrances. Totally worth the price of a full bottle.
By   - lawyer from Tallahassee, Florida on 4/10/2021
This still has a special place in my heart, even though I don’t reach for it as often as I used to. Very potent stuff with tremendous longevity. It is also the most “crowd pleasing” scent from the entire Black lineup. I get a lot of cinnamon, woods, spice and musk from it, with a bit of smoky incense in the background. Black I is a beautiful, unique scent that will definitely set you apart from most others in your crowd (particularly the Aventus-wearers). It works better during fall and winter months. Is it worth the fairly steep price? I would say yes. Try a sample and see for yourself.
By   - Photographer from Canada on 10/9/2020
Like a warm spiced jam tart served in your grandmothers country cottage nestling in the forest. Never cloying and can be refreshing and soothing on a cool day. One of the few niche scents in this realm that actually do perform and just an all around pleasant experience.
By   - tech from san francisco on 6/26/2017
Actually pleasantly surprised with this one. A delectable jamminess surrounds this fragrance. Never cloying and in fact quite refreshing on a cool day. This is a scent for intimate dinners or moments between lovers. Some niche offerings in this vein are so far off the mark that they deserve the dustbin after one application. Not so with AJ Black I.
By   - tech from san francisco on 6/26/2017
An warm incense smell that wears close to the skin. The spice is subtle and so is the sweetness of the musk. Love it.
By   - Science and Technology from Edmonton on 10/14/2016
This is the BEST smelling fragrance I own. I currently have just north of 160 bottles last time I counted and 70% are niche. This is by design because quickly after becoming a avid collector, I quickly realized how much better the quality of fragrance was and how much more artistic the blends are. From the juice all the way to the presentation, this fragrance cut 0 corners and it's just the most pleasant smelling and creamy dark sandalwood with some smoothe resins and slight smoke/leather base.
By   - Finance from Indianapolis on 5/30/2016
I had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately, rather than coming out decadent and luscious it smells like a drugstore cheap perfume. I am sure it's an individual body chemistry thing and it may be great for others, but this was a scrubber for me.
By   - Producer from Austin on 3/31/2016
Just decadently, perfectly, extraordinary ~kudos AJ;-)
By   - Hospitality  from Miami Beach on 10/20/2015
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