Aoud Vanille

Eau de Parfum

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On me this smelled like Vanille and tobacco. There's a hint of sweetness but I love the smokiness of it. Longetivity was impressive too since this isn't an inexpensive price point, about 6 hrs. I'm highly considering regular bottle for fall, winter but I have few more samples I need to try.
By   - Bookkeeper from Chicago on 1/18/2019
An above-average vanilla with a welcome dose of cardamom and, to my joy, a lovely black-pepper opening fanfare. I’ve been waiting for a good vanilla-and-pepper for a long time (Les Absolus-Vanille Charnelle having badly failed to deliver) and this one manages an exceedingly elegant bridge between all the fun up top and a harmonious oud drydown.
By   - editor from Seattle on 4/2/2018
Gorgeous! This is a love!
By   - Perfume lover from California on 10/25/2017
Delicious, sweet aoud fragrance. Long lasting. For me, equal parts sugary vanilla and smokey aloud. Love, love, love this. Will be yummy this fall and winter.
By   - - from from Texas on 10/6/2016
definitely gourmand for me. aldehyde to start, then lots and lots of vanilla...but not sweet, woody.
By   - CSA from Dallas on 2/19/2016
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