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Orchidee Vanille

Eau de Parfum

75ml $212
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Orchidee Vanille...
My favorite vanilla scent of all time! It's the perfect balance of sticky, syrupy vanilla with lush, exotic florals. I wear this year round and while it's probably not going to make any list for the sexiest scents for women, I feel incredibly sexy when I wear this. It's an empowering scent that feels luscious and perhaps humid in the warmer months but cozy and festive in the colder months. One of my friends is obsessed with this and every time I wear it, she hugs me and tells me I smell like a sexy cookie. It's not overly gourmand but VC&A gets it *just* right.
By   - Historian from London on 7/13/2020
I have been wearing this perfume at least 5 days a week for years. I love this perfume, it is the perfect blend of a sweet almost caramel top note with some wonderful complexity. I love this perfume! It doesn't have great longevity in my opinion (I stop smelling it after about 2 hours), but other people will continue to compliment me the day. At two spritz per day, I am on my fourth bottle!
By   - Student from Denver on 2/14/2017
Super gorgeous. Soft yet intoxicating. Beautiful slightly floral vanilla. It's sweet but the floral and fruity notes add a freshness to it and prevent it from being too heavy. Lasts quite well. 4 stars as I wish the sillage was a little better. I'll be going for a full bottle purchase with this one!
By   - IT Nerd from Texas on 1/22/2017
This is SO close to getting it right. I really love the warmth and sweetness of this but there's something very powdery about it. I wish it were smoother.
By   - Teacher from Laguna Beach on 12/11/2015
This is a beautiful fragrance. Soft and romantic however I do not think it warrants a $185 price tag. I have smelled many fragrances that smell just as good as this at a much lower price. Though I like it I would NEVER buy it at $185. WAY overpriced in my opinion.
By  on 11/5/2012
If you were to ever make a blind vanilla cent buy, this would be the one! This is so beautiful, deep, warm and comforting. It is not linear, but not super complex. It is gorgeous and FBW for me come tax time!
By   - student from IN on 10/11/2012
Very beautiful and jewel-like when you first open it. Edible Sweet Flowers slowly calm down to warm scent, and finally, on skin finishes rather with plain but subtle and lovely vanilla.
By   - from New York on 1/19/2012
Very pretty, very sweet, and to me it also seems VERY light - i can barely detect it!
By   - from LA on 6/23/2011
Love, love :)
By  on 6/16/2011
I received a sample of Orchidee Vanille recently and had put it aside thinking orchids and vanilla sounded strange. Silly me! I put some on the back of my hand this evening and was floored at how good it smells. I cannot get enough of it. Absolutely beautiful! Yes, it's very sweet, but that's just the way I like it. I would be ecstatic had I not just had to pay $185 for a bottle. Couldn't live without this one though.
By  on 5/6/2011
Very warm and sweet. Smells good but would not buy it.
By  on 1/15/2011
Beautiful fragrance. Pretty powdery so be wise of that. Light but wafts around you and makes you feel gorgeous. Very ladylike, a bit overpriced for what it is. Intriguing though.
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 3/2/2010
Lovely fragrance, my husband liked it a lot, it is a warm "close to the skin fragrance". It is a really nice complex scent and comforting to wear.
By   - from San Luis Obispo on 3/1/2010
lovely seems to be very light but obviously other people dont find it so..lots of compliments...
By  on 2/24/2010
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