Dulcis in Fundo

Eau de Parfum

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This smells like the most delicious orange panettone ever made. It has all the same attention to time and craftsmanship as that Italian Delight. The orange and vanilla are so deeply rich, so simple yet so complex, that, like panettone itself, they are at once simple and complex. This is a Holy Grail for vanilla-sweet-citrus gourmand lovers. And, like all Profumum's fragrances, it lasts forever. And, like real vanilla, even when you think it's gone, all it takes is a little (body) heat and mmmm, it's back, filling the room with its goodness.
By   - Professor from Boston on 6/30/2020
Somehow such a simple note list becomes so much more than it's parts. On me, this smells like neither citrus or vanilla, it just smells sweet, delicious and fresh. Doesn't quite end up at "cake" but also doesn't have the bracing quality that citrus scents usually have on me. It hasn't quite replaced Vanitas as my favorite sweet Profumum scent, but this one is more subtle, pretty and probably better for daily wear. Plus the longevity on this scent is incredible, probably the best out of any of the samples I've tried so far.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 1/18/2020
I ordered a sample because I loved the name and the description. On me, it wasn't sweet or provocative - like the description. It just smelled faintly of orange and vanilla. In all honesty, it wasn't extremely bitter, but it wasn't fresh or delicious. Probably my skin type. It sounded like it'd be positively joyous and I really wanted to love it.
By   - homemaker  from San Diego on 1/16/2020
I fell deeply in love with this masterpiece. I am a true gourmand lover, and I have many in my collection. For some stupid reason I decided to look at perfumes that people said were similar here just due to the price tag. I ordered a full bottle of Montale - Sweet Vanilla which lists similar notes but pales in comparison. I know some people don't want to smell like sweets, and I respect that, but if you do, this is the finest orange-vanilla I have had the pleasure of sampling and definitely full bottle worthy even with the hefty price tag. One of the things that isn't mentioned here, but that Profumum regularly tells their guests, is that due to the high concentration of oils you can actually rub their fragrances and they recommend it.
By   - banking from Cincinnati on 7/19/2019
This is gorgeous! After ordering a huge batch of samples from Luckyscent, I've discovered that I'm not as into gourmands as I thought -- except for this! The description here is good, but not totally spot on, IMO. This scent is not sticky sweet. It dries down to be a touch powdery. A lightly powdered orange-vanilla. Perhaps an haute couture orange creamscicle that just came out of the freezer? I don't know, but it's beautiful. Try it.
By   - - from - on 1/20/2019
Profumum's Acqua E Zucchero is one of my favourites. Dulcis in Fundo, alas, is not quite as lovely. Sweet, not much vanilla, and a citrusy note that edges very close to cough syrup undertone. Relatively long-lasting. I knocked a star off because it's pretty close to Avon's Far Away, and Far Away is nowhere near as expensive as this one. Nice, but not $250 nice.
By   - Writer from Melbourne, Australia on 9/24/2016
I got this because of the reviews and the description, but I supposed I must have received a bad sample because mine smelled like a five dollar cheap perfume that disappeared within 10 minutes with a cheap plastic smell. And I was hoping this was going to be my favorite. It really smelled like nothing.
By   - Customer Service from Columbia on 6/13/2016
The first initial whiff is orange, ripe and juicy, as it settles down vanilla comes out to play. As it softens you smell like a delectable dessert, more grown up than a creamsicle but still whimsical. Love it ! Stays close to the skin, I think it will be a beautiful summer fragrance when the weather gets hot .
By   - Sales from Calgary AB on 6/8/2016
A bit too floral to start off with bust settles into a deep orange vanilla earthy tone. Love it.
By   - doctor from San Ramon on 11/3/2015
I received this as part if a sample order. This is an amazingly refined, high quality gourmand. Less is more here. It is a wonderful orange, tangerine and vanilla scent. If you enjoy vanilla or citrus, please try this. It has incredible longevity, but stays close to the skin. I think I will be purchasing a full bottle.
By  on 8/13/2015
My HG vanilla scent (and I have tried many). It is truly delicious and the mandarin-orange note adds freshness, so it is not sickly. Lasts all day. It is "happiness in a bottle" for me.
By   - from Adelaide, Australia on 11/9/2012
My favorite perfume of all time. It's fresh and lightly sweet, not over- powering, but long lasting. Several subtlelayers, beginning with orange and ending in vanilla. I love to wear it and I get compliments all the time. It is expensive, but for it's worth every penny. I'll buy another when this one runs out.
By  on 5/7/2012
By   - Norway from Oslo on 4/25/2012
Sweet citrus, then vanilla vanilla vanilla. It means, in Italian, "the sweetness at the bottom." Interpret that how you like!
By   - Editor from Providence, RI on 12/30/2011
Do you know those large white Madonna lillies, the ones you put in a vase and make the whole room smell with their sweet nectar? Dulcis is much like that. It's a really strong perfume - one drop lasted all day on me. But I was almost embarrassed to smell like this, it's quite unidimensional and marshmallowy sweet (the citrus escaped me alltogether)
By   - designer from Diessen, Netherlands on 8/31/2011
As delectible as perfectly described by Luckyscent and previous reviews; but save your money and just by Vanille Abricot by Comptoir Sud Pacifique
By   - from central NY on 5/1/2011
How I wish the creamy, sweet and bright orange top notes would stick around. This would be HG material if they did, but it dries down into a boring old vanilla with a bit of spice. The initial application deserves another mention though it's divine.
By   - from Los Angeles on 4/15/2011
Another profumum i really wanted to like but just couldnt. There is a strong bubble gum note on my skin with creamsicle undertones, but mostly bubblegum. Probably chemistry :( I bet this would be great on the right person.
By  on 12/7/2010
Forgot to add that this gorgeous stuff is tenacious, second day you can still detect it and the sillage is super. After applying this morning DH who was in another level of the house leaned over railing and asked, mmm what smells so good?
By   - from Northern Rockies on 10/26/2010
Gorgeous scent! Perfect for cold weather and cozy fires. It is NOT creamsicle to me, it is rich as butter frosting but not at all cloyingly sweet. One of my major comfort scents. Definitely fbw!
By   - from Northern Rockies on 10/24/2010
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