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Sucre Noir


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This is the best vanilla perfume I’ve ever tried!! It lasts all day on me!
By   - Engineer  from Issaquah on 1/2/2021
This is the best vanilla that has ever been created! Well, this and Tihota to be fair. To those that want to know how it compares to Tihota, imagine isolated the sweet parts of Tihota (the sweet vanilla) and removing the musk. Now, add a ton of real sweet vanilla bean and sugar. This a vanilla lovers dream come true, especially a gourmand fan who has been craving a solinote vanilla with excellent longevity. Truly a must have in your collection.
By   - Health care from New York on 4/28/2020
A very nice, well structured, basic vanilla. Quite linear as another review mentioned, it doesn't change much over time. A very enjoyable scent, but I'd have a hard time paying close to $300 (canadian) for a huge bottle.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/17/2019
Amazing. I have always loved a good vanilla, and this one sets the bar very high. It's the Grace Kelly of vanilla fragrances. Sucre Noir is pure vanilla elegance; so simple (the hardest thing to do well) and linear. This doesn't scream it purrs quietly; it lingers and lasts and softens over time but remains linear. It's delectable and a must try for all vanilla/gourmand aficionados.
By   - stylist from Marina Del Rey on 10/31/2019
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