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Sucre Noir


Sucre Noir Sizes Available:
100ml $240
0.7ml sample $6
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Here's what other people are saying about Sucre Noir...
As another person commented...sometimes the simpler things are the best! I love this scent, it is a pure and simple vanilla but smells like a high quality perfume. I received a sample, and a little dab lasted on me all day, wears fairly close to the skin, modest sillage. If you compare the price..its actually pretty good..because the bottle is a 100ml. The other cult favorite vanilla is good..but this is a better size, for the cost. Also the bottle is gorgeous, with its heavy metal cap and classy black bottle!
By   - healthcare field from midwest town on 11/21/2019
A very nice, well structured, basic vanilla. Quite linear as another review mentioned, it doesn't change much over time. A very enjoyable scent, but I'd have a hard time paying close to $300 (canadian) for a huge bottle.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/17/2019
Amazing. I have always loved a good vanilla, and this one sets the bar very high. It's the Grace Kelly of vanilla fragrances. Sucre Noir is pure vanilla elegance; so simple (the hardest thing to do well) and linear. This doesn't scream it purrs quietly; it lingers and lasts and softens over time but remains linear. It's delectable and a must try for all vanilla/gourmand aficionados.
By   - stylist from Marina Del Rey on 10/31/2019
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